ABB Change-over switches Installation Guide

ABB Change-over switches Installation Guide



Installation Instruction, OTM_F_C_


Mounting Positions 

Control Circuit

Only an authorised electrician may perform the electrical installation and maintenance of motorized switch. Do not attempt any installation or maintenance actions when a motorized switch is connected to the electrical mains. Before starting work, make sure that the switch is de-energised.

  1. Terminal for motor operator voltage supply
  2. Control terminal for push buttons
  3. Terminal for state information (also used with the automatic control unit)
  4. Control terminal for automatic control unit (If used OMD controller)

Do not couple power for the control terminal. See the correct terminal for the power supply.

Manual operation: Local

Electrical operation is prevented when the handle is attached to the switch panel.

Electrical operation: Remote

Never open any covers on the product. There may be dangerous external control voltages inside the motorized switch even if the voltage is turned off.

Never handle control cables when the voltage of the motorized switch or external control circuits are connected.

Exercise sufficient caution when handling the unit.

Automatic Operation

Resetting Fuse

Impulse Control

Continuous Control

If a new command is given before the switch has reached the position of the previous command, the internal protection may operate.


Prevent Manual and Electrical Operation

Locking Possible at any position. Check position before locking.

State Information

Technical Data

Motor operator, control circuit



Rated operational voltage U [V] 110-240 Vac/dc 50-60Hz
24 Vdc
Operating voltage range 0.85.. 1.1 x U
Operating angle 90° 0-I, I-0, 0-II, II-0; 180° I-0-II
Operating time See Table 2
Protection degree IP 20, front panel
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 4 kV
Voltage supply PE N L 1,5 -2,5mm2
F2 Max. MCB 16A
Control terminal for the push-buttons C II I 0 1,5 -2,5mm2
Maximum cable length 100 m
Terminal for state information

Also used with the automatic control unit



3A AC-1/250V

Common, voltage supply 1
Position of change-over switch I 2
Position of change-over switch II 3
Handle attached or motor operator locked 4
Control terminal for automatic control unit If used OMD_ controller   1,5-2,5mm2
Common, voltage supply from motor operator 1 24VDC
Close switch I or open switch II 2 24VDC 500mW
Close switch II or open switch I 3 24VDC 500mW
Operating temperature -25… +55 °C
Transportation and storage temperature -40… +70 °C
Altitude Max. 2000m

Table 1 : General technical data of motor operators.

Type Voltage

Ue [V]

Nominal current a)

In [A]

Current Inrush a)


Operating time a)

I-0, 0-I,

0-II, II-0


Operating transfer time a) I-II or II-I


OFF-time when operating a) I-II or II-I




110-240 Vac/dc 0,2 – 0,5 1,5 – 3,0 0,5 – 1,0 1,2 – 1,5 0,4 – 0,8
24 Vdc 0,6 3,6 0,6 – 1,3 1,4 – 2,1 0,6 – 1,0

Table 2: Specified technical data of motor operators.

Terminal clamp sets OZX_, Bridging bars OMZC_







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