ACCU-CHEK 83054_08959846003 Blood Glucose Monitoring System User Guide

ACCU-CHEK 83054_08959846003 Blood Glucose Monitoring System


  • This Quick Start Guide does not replace the User’s Manual for your Accu-Chek Guide Me blood glucose meter. The User’s Manual contains important cleaning and disinfecting procedures and additional
  • The meter and lancing device are for single patient Do not share them with anyone, including other family members! Do not use on multiple patients!
  • All parts of the kit are considered biohazardous and can potentially transmit infectious diseases from bloodborne pathogens, even after you have performed cleaning and
  • If you drop the meter or drop the meter with a test strip inserted, the meter and/or test strip could be Discard the test strip and perform a control test with control solution and a new, unused test strip to ensure the meter and test strips are both working properly. Then repeat the blood glucose test with a new test strip.
  • When performing a blood glucose test, remove your finger from the test strip after the test strip is dosed and the flashing hourglass symbol appears on the Failure to move your finger away from the test strip during measurement could give inaccurate results.


  • Always have a spare set of batteries.
  • Battery life may vary due to factors such as temperature and battery manufacturer.

Meter Overview

  1. Power/Set Button
  2. Display
  3. Left Arrow Button
  4. RightArrow Button
  5. Test Strip Slot
  6. Battery Door
  7. Micro USB Port

Set the Time and Date

  1. The meter prompts you to set the time and date the first time you turn it on. Set-up appears on the display with the hour flashing. Press LEFT or RIGHT to decrease or increase the hour.
  2. Press POWER button to set the hour and move to the next field. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to set minutes, am or pm, month, day, and year. Press POWER button until the flashing test strip symbol appears.

Set up the Lancing Device

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Accu-Chek Softclix lancing device.
  2. Remove the lancing device cap by pulling it straight off. Do not twist the cap.
  3. Insert a lancet into the lancing device until it clicks.
  4. Twist off the lancet’s protective cap.
  5. Place the cap back on the lancing device. Make sure the notch on the cap lines up with the notch on the lancing device.
  6. Adjust the lancet depth to a comfortable penetration level. Start at 2. For tougher skin, dial to a higher number.
  7. Press the priming button in as far as it will go, like a pen. Do not press the release button while pressing the priming button. The release button turns yellow when the lancing device is ready.
  8. Set the lancing device aside until you are ready to perform a fingerstick.

Perform a Blood Glucose Test

  1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before and after you perform a blood glucose test.
  2. Check the Use By date on the test strip container. Do not use test strips past the Use By date.
  3. Remove a test strip from the test strip container. Close the cap tightly.
  4. Insert the metallic end of the test strip into the meter.The meter turns on. A flashing drop symbol appears.
  5. Press the lancing device firmly against the side of your fingertip and press the yellow release button to prick your finger.
  6. Touch the yellow edge of the test strip to the blood drop. Do not put blood on top of the test strip.
  7. Remove your finger from the test strip when the flashing appears. Failure to move your finger away from the test strip could give inaccurate results.The test result appears on the display in less than 4 seconds.
  8. Remove the lancing device cap. Point the lancet away from you. Slide out the ejector to release the lancet.

Connect the Accu-Chek Guide Me meter to the mySugr app

  1. Using your smartphone, download the mySugr app from the App Store or Google Play and create your mySugr account.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth® on your smartphone (if it’s not on already).
  3. Open the mySugr app, and select Connections on the menu. Select Accu-Chek Guide Me, and then Connect now. Follow the step-by-step directions for pairing.
  4. After your meter is successfully connected to the mySugr app, data from your device is imported automatically. Now you can easily keep your diabetes data under control!

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