ACOPOWER PS500N 500W Portable Solar Generator User Manual

Portable Solar GeneratorUser Manual

Get To Know Your Gear

  1. Main Power LED Indicator
  2. Main Power Button
  3. Remaining Power Level LED Indicator
  4. Type-C PD Output
  5. Wireless Speaker AUX-IN
  6. Wireless Speaker Play Control Button
  7. LED Light Panel
  8. USB QC3.0 Output
  9. USB 5V/2.4A Outputs x2
  10. LED Light Panel Switch
  11. DC Input Port
  12. Wireless Speaker Working LED Indicator
  13. Wireless Speaker
14. Car Socket15. DC Outputs x316. AC Power Indicator17. AC Power Outputs x218. AC Output Switch

Tech Specification

Capacity: 462Wh (3.7V/124,800mAh)


515.04Wh (3.7V/139,200mAh)
Battery Type: Lithium-ion Cell
DC Input: DC 19V/4.5A by Adapter
MPPT Solar Input: 14-25V by Solar Panel (Max 120W)
AC Output Power: Rated Output Power: 500W
AC Output: 100-120V—/ 6011z ( for Generator) Version)


220-240V—/ 50Hz ( for Generator2 Version)
DC Output: USB-A Outputs: 5V/2.4A x2 USB-A QC3.0 x1 (5V/3A,9V/2A) USB-C PD 60W x1
DC 9-12.6V/10A Cigarette Lighter Socket x1

Total Share 10A Max

DC 9-12.6V, 5A Max Output x3
LED Lighting Function 5W
Wireless Speaker 10W
Inverter Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Net Weight: 5.5Kg
Dimension: 290x155x190mm
Warranty: 12 months

Charging Your Generator

Recharge your solar generator before using or storing it for long periods of time via by AC adapter or solar panel ( max 120W) per 3 months.

Powering on and off

  1. Long press the Power Button for 2 seconds until the green LED light comes on.
  2. When not in use, long-press the Power Button for 2 seconds until the green LED light turns off.

Please make sure the green light is on before using. The Solar Generator will stay on even without any power draw. Make sure you turn it off when not in use to prevent the battery from draining.

How to Use AC Output Port

  1. Long press the Power Button for 2 seconds to turn on the Solar Generator.
  2. Flip the switch between the 2 AC outlets to the ON position.
  3. Plug your device into the AC outlet.
  4. Please switch off when not in use to save energy.
  5. When the power inverter is not working as intended, the LED light will be red.

USB Output

  1. Turn on the main power.
  2. Plug your device into a USB output socket.


  1. Turn on the main power.
  2. Long press the button for 2 seconds to turn on the speaker. You will hear a power-up sound and see a blue LED light.
  3. When in pairing, the blue light will be flashing. Search for “PS-Speaker” in your Bluetooth settings and pair it with your cell phone.
  4. – Short click to decrease volume– Long press to the previous song+ Long press to next song+Short click increase volumeShort press play/pauseLong press 2s tp turn on/off the speaker

Car Socket

  1. Turn on the main power.
  2. Open the cover.
  3. Plug into the car socket.
  4. Output voltage: 9-12.6V
  5. Output current: 10A(max)

DC 12V

  1. Turn on main power.
  2. Plug-in DC output port.
  3. DC output voltage: 9-12.6V
  4. DC output current: 5A max per port

LED light panel

  1. Turn on the main power.
  2. Long press the far right button to turn on an LED light panel on half brightness mode.
  3. Click the button again to be on max brightness mode.
  4. Click again for strobe mode.
  5. in any mode, long press 2 seconds to switch off the light panel. You can also just press one more time in strobe mode.
  6. In any mode, of the light panel long press 2s to sweetchYou can also just press one more time in strobe mode.

Power Indicator

  1. It has four LEDs to display the remaining battery capacity. When being re-charged, the LED will flash based on the current battery level:Charging: ( :LED flash / : LED is off / : LED is on)
  2. When you want to check the remaining power level under standby or while working, short press the main power button to check as below:● Low Battery: When the battery is lower than 10%, the 1st LED will be blinking.● AC Power LED indicator: When it is green, AC output is on, when it is red, AC output is not working as intended.


  1. Do not cover the Generator with anything that would prevent heat from escaping.
  2. The Generator does not have an IP waterproof rating. Do not use it in rain or in any other situations that can get wet.
  3. Please keep away from fire and children.
  4. Please do not disassemble the product.
  5. Fully charge the Solar Generator before long-time storage. Check the battery percentage every 3 months.
  6. When not in use, make sure to turn off the Solar Generator to conserve battery power.
  7. Please do not leave the Solar Generator in situations where it can reach extreme temperatures exceeding 50℃such as inside a vehicle or outside direct sunlight.

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