AcuRite 02348HD Rain Chain with Copper Finish Instruction Manual

AcuRite 02348HD Rain Chain with Copper Finish

Package Contents

1. (1) Gutter Bracket

2. (16) Rain Cups

3. (16) Cup Links

Step-by-Step Installation

  1. Measure the length between the existing rain gutter and the ground.
  2. Remove the existing downspout.
  3. Insert the gutter bracket into the gutter hole from above the hole. It will look like an upside-down triangle is hanging from the gutter hole.
  4. Insert the cup link through the gutter bracket.
  5. To attach rain cups, gently squeeze the two ends of the cup link towards each other and insert the cup link ends into the holes on the sides of the rain cup.
  6. Attach additional cups by inserting a cup link through the loop hanging from the bottom of the assembled rain cup.7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until assembled rain chain is at the correct length (step 1). If additional length is desired, attach a second chain (not included) to the loop of the last cup.

Optional:To stabilize rain chain in strong winds secure the bottom of the rain chain into the ground.

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