ACURITE Remote Sensor Unit Instruction Manual

ACURITE Remote Sensor Unit

Acu-Rite instruments have been designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements. Please read the instructions thoroughly before setting up the sensor


Insert 2 AAA alkaline batteries into the sensor unit.Note: The battery panel is located behind the foldable stand/mounting plate, which can be gently pried from the back of the unit. A small screwdriver is required to open the battery panel.

After inserting the batteries, locate the reset or Tx button the sensor (usually under the battery cover) and press the button to establish communications with the main unit.


The low battery indicator is shown on the LCD panel of the sensor unit.The sensor has an average battery life of 6 months, depending on usage.Note: Alkaline batteries are recommended.

  • The sensor can transmit up to 100 feet distance without outside. Sources of interference include, but are not limited to, metal surfaces, electrical devices, etc. The sensor may need to be relocated if experiencing interference.
  • The sensor unit has a waterproof case. The 10 ft. detachable probe can be submersed to measure the temperature in ponds, aquariums, etc.
  • Note: When remote temperatures reach -12°F/-24°C or lower, bring sensor units indoors and use the detachable probe to monitor outdoor temperatures by placing the probe out a window. Severe cold weather freeze the batteries and LCD panel, causing malfunctions.

Temperature Range:Remote sensor: -58 F-158° F/-50° C-70° C

LIMITED WARRANTY: Should this product from the Chaney Instrument Co. prove to be defective in material or workmanship within one year of original purchase it will be repaired or replaced. This warranty does not cover damage in shipment or failure caused by tampering, carelessness, or abuse.



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