ADVANTECH WiFi STA Relay User Guide


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Danger – Information regarding user safety or potential damage to the router.Attention – Problems that may arise in specific situations.Information or notice – Useful tips or information of special interest.Example – example of function, command, or script.

Advantech Czech s.r.o., Sokolska 71, 562 04 Usti nad Orlici, Czech RepublicDocument No. APP-0102-EN was revised on May 31, 2021. Released in the Czech Republic.


This router app is not installed on Advantech routers by default. See Configuration Manual for the description of how to upload a router app to the router. For more information see the Configuration manual, chapter Customization –> User Modules.

The router app is v2, v3, and v4 router platforms compatible.

WiFi STA Relay is a router app used to relay and dynamically redirect incoming connections to a target host. Its main purpose in routers is to extend the wireless network. For example, when the Router is in STA Wireless Station mode, it can be used to bridge WAN and LAN interfaces to create a larger Wireless network. This type of configuration connects devices from different networks into a single network, making it possible for the devices to communicate with each other while also providing the devices with an Internet connection.

This image shows an example setup. LAN interface of the Wi-Fi STA device MUST be on a different subnet for relayd to work (since it is routing traffic, it expects 2 different subnets).Since both ethernet ports and Access Point, Wi-Fi network are on the same LAN interface, all clients connecting to the Ethernet ports and to the Access Point Wi-Fi network of the Wi-FiSTA device will be routed by relayd and will be connected to your main network.The LAN interface subnet will be used only as a “management” interface, as devices connecting to the Wi-Fi repeater will be on the main network’s subnet instead.

Web Interface

Once the installation of the module is complete, the module’s GUI can be invoked by clicking the module name on the Router App page of the router’s web interface.Left part of this GUI contains a menu with the Status, Configuration menu section, and Information menu section. Customization menu section contains only the Return item, which switches back from the module’s web page to the router’s web configuration pages. The main menu of the module’s GUI is shown on Figure 1.

2.1 Configuration2.1.1 GlobalAll WiFi STA Relay router app settings can be configured by clicking on the Global item in the main menu of the module web interface. An overview of configurable items is given below.



Enable WiFi STA Relay service Enables WiFi STA Relay functionality.
Ethernet Interface Select ethernet interface
Enable access from ethernet interface Clients on ethernet gains access to the router
Disable DHCP parsing Disabling DHCP options parsing prevents the introduction of a default route, that way the traffic addressed to not managed local networks is routed using the main routing table.
Set ARP source address for managed interfaces Use the specified address as the arp src address for managed interfaces.

Table 1: Configuration items description

2.2 Information2.2.1 LicensesYou can check the licenses on the Licenses Page in the Information section in the main menu.

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