Aerpro Magnetic Dash Mount User Manual

Aerpro Magnetic Dash Mount

How to Use Magnetic Holder (Pic1)

  1. Put the magnetic plate into the phone case and check the strength of the magnet before attaching the 3M tape. (Pic1)
  2. Peel off the protection sheet from the 3M double sided tape and stick the plate to the phone case.


If the phone case is too thick, the magnetic plate can alternatively be placed on outside of the case with the provided 3M tape.When removing your device from the magnetic holder, twist and slide, rather than pulling off directly. This will help with retaining adhesion of the base due to the extreme strength of the magnets.


Flexible 3M Base Installation

  1. Find the safe and best viewing angle by simply rotating phone at the desired area.
  2. Clean any oil, debris, or dust on the area where 3M base is to be placed.
  3. Peel off the protection sheet from the 3M base and stick to chosen area by strongly pressing the base for an extended period of time.


  1. The magnet used in this product will have no negative impact on the phone. In case of any applications not working correctly, please restart application and slightly adjust position of where phone is mounted.
  2. Never mount phone onto holder with a magnetic credit card in the phone case.
  3. Be careful not to have the magnet be in reach of medical devices.
  4. The strength of the 3M tape will perform perfectly after 4-5 hours of installation.
  5. Be sure to select installation position carefully as the strength of the 3M tape will deteriorate if once removed.
  6. Do not install the holder where it will obstruct the drivers view.
  7. Periodically check the strength of the 3M base.
  8. Do not operate phone and holder while driving.

Technical Assistance

If you need assistance setting up or using your Aerpro product now or in the future, call Aerpro Support Australia.

TEL: 03 – 8587 8898FAX: 03 – 8587 8866Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm AEST

Please retain this manual for future reference.

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