AiQURA AD801 Digital Forehead Infrared Thermometer User Manual

User ManualProduct Model: AD801

Scope of application

Used by families and medical departments when measuring body temperature

Product features

  • Strong environmental temperature adaptability, which can still be used normally in a complex environment;
  •  New control probe structure to ensure more accurate measurement;
  •  Two measurement modes of body temperature and object temperature, the one-button mode switching operation is convenient and practical;
  • Fever alarm prompt, backlight color prompt;
  • Automatically save 16 sets of temperature measurement values;
  • Large size LCD screen, high brightness three-color backlight, clear and soft display;
  • Two temperature units of Celsius and Fahrenheit can be selected;
  • Automatic shutdown saves power and energy;
  • Simple and clear operation mode.


Please read this manual carefully before use, and make sure the battery is installed

It is forbidden to immerse the forehead temperature gun in any liquid, and it is forbidden to use it in an excessively high or low-temperature environment for along time. It is forbidden to collide, fall, mix with sharp objects, and dismantle by yourself

Do not use in a strong electromagnetic interference environment Put the forehead temperature gun out of the reach of children. The measurement results can’t replace the doctor’s diagnosis.

Product performance, major structural components

Technical parameters

Measuring distance 3cm-5cm
Measuring range For human body temperature measurement 34 C -42.9 C (93.2 F-109.2 F)
For Object surface temperature measurement OC —100C(32 F —212.0 F)
Measuring Accuracy Human body temperature measurement

Within (35-42) C Above (35-42) C

±0.2 C/ 0.4 F ±0.3 C/ 0.54 F.

Object surface temperature ±1.0 C/ 1.8 F
Operating ambient temperature 0 C -42 C (32 T – 107.6 F) RhIs.85%(under non-condensing conditions)
Storage ambient temperature -10C – 55C (14 F -131 F ) RhIs85% ( Under non-condensing conditions)
Power Supply DC1.5V*2 (2 pcs AAA battery)
Battery status Low battery warning
Memory function Memorize 16 measurements
Display Unit Celsius temperature ( C ) / Fahrenheit temperature ( F )
Automatic shutdown Automatic shutdown with no action in 30 seconds
Product Measurements 149mmX77mmX43mm (Length x Width x Height)
Product Measurements 104g
Annex 1 User Manual, 1 Quality Certificate

This product measures body temperature by collecting infrared thermal radiation from the human forehead and hair. Its operation is simple and sanitary,and its measurement is fast and accurate. The user only needs to point the detector head at the forehead and press the measurement key. In one second, the user can quickly and accurately measure the body temperature, which can be used by families and medical departments to measure the body temperature.

This product is a class II medical device, belonging to the internal power supply equipment, type B application part, and the protection grade is common equipment (IP20). It can not be used under the mixture of flammable anesthetic gas, nitrous oxide, and other gases, and it is continuous operation equipment.The EU is classified as IIB.

The product is mainly composed of an infrared temperature sensor, signal receiving processor, key, buzzer, LCD display, battery, etc

Installation and use instructions

  1. Infrared detector
  2.  LCD
  3.  Button-down
  4. Button up
  5.  Set button
  6.  Switch
  7. Battery cover

Instructions for use

Display icon definition

Icon definition Icon State description
Electricity indication Display The battery power is low and can only work for a short time. Please replace the battery.
Display and flashing The battery is too low to work properly. Please replace the battery immediately
No display Full charged
Tone Display Buzzer sound on, with prompt sound
No display Buzzer sound off, no prompt sound
Temperature measurement mode Body temperature measuring mold
Object Surface temperature measuring mold
Display Unit

Celsius temperature


Fahrenheit temperature
Display value It will show the measured temperature information.
Memory symbol


Display value is memory value and group number

16 sets of body temperature memory data queriesOn the boot state, press the “up” or “down” button, LCD display the first memory value; each click the “+” or “-” button, display the memory number plus 1 orminus 1, a total of 16 groups of memory data.

Function Key Description

Function key Function description
SET Enter/exit the menu and switch the setup items
+ Select the confirmation item to look up the measured value
Select the confirmation item to look down the measured value

Setting up guidance

This product provides three function settings: measurement mode, tone switch, temperature unit, etc. The comparison table of the setting menu is as follows:

Manu Function “SET” Key “+” Key “-“Key With prompt sound
Fl Test mode Press once Object TemperatureModel Human TemperatureModel Human TemperatureModel
F2 Test mode Press again Tips No hint Tips
F3 Temperature unit Press again °C °F °C

Frontal temperature/object mode conversion settings

  • Shortcut switch mode: in the boot state, a short press “SET” key can realize the quick switch of human temperature and object temperature.
  • In the power-on state, press and hold “set” for 2 seconds, and F1 will be displayed on the screen, then press the “+” or “-” button to switch between “bodytemperature measurement” / “object temperature measurement”.

The setting of tone switch

In the power-on state, press and hold “set” for 2 seconds, and the screen displays F1, Press the “set” key 1 time it will show F2.then press the “+” or “-” key to switch between prompt tone on and prompt tone off.

Temperature unit conversion settings

In the power-on state, press and hold “set” for 2 seconds and the screen displays F1, Press the “set” key 2 times, it will show F3, then press the “+” or “-” key to switch between ° C and ° F

Safety instructions

Human body temperature measurementAfter the battery is installed, press the power on key for 1 second, and the power on is completed after the full display self-check.

  • Confirm that the measurement mode above the screen is body temperature mode (nonobject temperature mode)
  • Align the forehead temperature gun probe with the middle of the forehead and keep it vertical, with a distance of about 3-5cm. Press the measurement key tostart the measurement. After about 1 second, the screen displays the measurement value. Press the measurement key for 5 seconds to shut down when no measurement is made, or shut down automatically after 30 seconds.When 34℃≦T<37.3℃, bright green backlight.When 37.4℃≦T≦38.0℃, bright yellow backlight.When 38.1℃≦T≦42.9℃, bright red backlight.When T<34℃, bright green backlight, display “LO”.”When T>42.9℃, bright red backlight, display “HI”.”Warm Tips
  1. Before and after use, please keep the sensor and probe cavity clean.
  2. Please place the forehead temperature gun in a temperature-stable environment for use. When ambient temperature changes greatly (e.g. from indoor to outdoor), please place for about thirty minutes after measurement.
  3. Do not begin to measure body temperature immediately after measuring the temperature of an object at very high or very low temperature. Please place itfor ten minutes.
  4. When the measurement object comes from a place that is quite different from the measured ambient temperature, it should stay in the test environment for at least five minutes.
  5. Try not to measure in the forehead blowing, drenching water, sweating, coating, smearing cosmetics, etc. Do not take body temperature within 30 minutesafter exercise, bath, meal.When the forehead temperature gun is out of working temperature, the screen will prompt: after the boot completes the self-test, the screen will show the ambient temperature. When the working environment temperature is lower than 0℃ the screen will display Err 1, backlight red when the ambient temperature is higher than 42℃, the screen will display Err 2, backlight red;

Object temperature measurement

  • Adjust the temperature measurement mode to the body temperature.
  • Aim the thermometer probe at the measuring target and keep it vertical, the distance is about 3-5 cm press the measuring key, display the temperature after about 1 second, when not measuring often press the measuring key for 5 seconds to shut down, or turn off automatically after 30 seconds.

Warm Tips

  1. The range of measurement of the temperature measurement mode of the object 0℃-100℃.
  2. this function measures the object surface temperature and does not represent the object core temperature.
  3. The emissivity of different materials may be different (refer to the emissivity of materials), and the measured temperature will deviate slightly from the actualtemperature.
  4. When the measured value is less than 0℃, a bright red backlight, displays “LO”.
  5. When the measurement is higher than 100℃, a bright red backlight displays “HI”…

Product maintenance and maintenance methods

Because the product is a reusable device, please pay attention to the cleaning process after use;

Please keep the inner cavity of the sensor and probe clean, otherwise, it will affect the measurement accuracy. Surface cleaning: wipe the dirt with a clean soft cloth or cotton stick with a little medical spray.

Clean the inner cavity of the sensor and probe: gently wipe the inner cavity of the head or the top of the sensor with a clean soft cloth or cotton stick with a littlemedical sprinkler. When the alcohol is completely volatile.

Storage conditions, methods

Products must be kept clean and kept in a dry place. Don’t put the electronic forehead temperature gun in a place with an electric shock. do not store the electronic forehead temperature gun in an extreme temperature environment above 55℃ or below -10℃ and humidity above 85%.

Transport conditions, methods

The transportation process should prevent rain, heavy fall, and so on, can not be transported in the extreme temperature environment above 55℃ or below -10℃, humidity above 85%.

Quality commitment and after-sale service

This product provides a one-year free maintenance service.

Note: No free maintenance service will be provided for any damage caused by the user’s personal cause of failure or tampering.

Enterprise Name: Zhengzhou AiQURA Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.Address:4th Floor, Building 26, Smartphone industrial park,The intersection of Xingang Avenue and Renmin road,Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimental zone.

Warranty card

(customer retention)type/specification ———————————————————-machine serial number/batch number ———————————purchase date —————————————————————address ———————————————————————-site seal ———————————————————————service tel ——————————————————————

Maintenance record The matters Maintenance staff
note Please show this card when the machine is under warranty!
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