airlive 10G Multi Giga SFP + MiniGBIC Transceiver User Guide

airlive 10G Multi Giga SFP + MiniGBIC Transceiver


The AirLive SFP-SR-10G-300M is a low power, high performance and cost-effective multi mode SFP Fiber transceiver for serial optical data communication applications up to 10Gbps and 300M. The low jitter and high sensitivity module is intended for single mode dual fiber and operates at a nominal wavelength of 850nm, the operating temperature 0°C~70°C and the module is hot pluggable.

The transceiver incorporates TX Disable control, TX-Fault, and RX_LOS monitor functions. It is a duplex LC connector transceiver designed for use in Gigabit Ethernet applications and to provide IEEE802.3ae compliant link and Class I Laser safety compliant link.

The suitable applications are such as High-speed storage area networks, computer cluster cross-connect, customized high-speed data pipes, and more.


  • 10Gbps Fiber Mini GBIC SFP+ Transceiver
  • Multi mode SFP+ fiber
  • Duplex LC connector Interface
  • Wavelength 850nm VCSEL Laser and PIN photo detector
  • 10Gbps high speed
  • Distance up to 300M
  • Low Power consumption < 1.0W
  • Hot-pluggable capability
  • Very low EMI
  • Excellent ESD protection
  • IEEE802.3ae
  • Operating Temperature:0 °C ~ +70 °C


  • Fiber Channel Infrastructure
  • STM-16 Optical Interface
  • ATM Switches and Routers
  • SDH/SONET Switch Infrastructure

Application Environment examples

  • Bank
  • AirPort
  • Hotel
  • Expressway
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Metro
  • Factory

Transmitter Operating Characteristic Optical, Electrical

Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max. Unit
Centre Wavelength λC 840 850 860 nm
Spectral width (RMS) Dl 0.45 nm
Average Output Power Po -5 0 dBm
Extinction Ratio Er 3.0   dB
Dispersion Penalty       3.9 dB
Relative Intensity Noise RIN12OMA     -128 dB/Hz
Total jitter Tj     215 PS
Input Differential Impendence Zin 90 100 110 Ohm
Data Input Swing Differential Vin 180   700 mV
TX Disable – Disable   2.0   Vcc V
TX Disable – Enable   0   0.8 V
TX Fault – Assert   2.0   Vcc V
TX Fault – De-Assert   0   0.8 V

Receiver Operating Characteristic Optical, Electrical

Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max. Unit
Centre Wavelength λC   850   nm
Receiver Sensitivity Rsen -11.5 dBm
Receiver Overload Rov     -10.5 dBm
Return Loss   0     dB
LOS Assert LOSA 12     dB
LOS De-Assert LOSD -25     dBm
LOS Hysteresis   0.5      
Output differential impendence Zout 100 Ohm
Data Input Swing Differential Vout 300 800 mV
Rx_LOS – Assert 2.0 Vcc V
Rx_LOS – De-Assert 0 0.8 V

Fiber for Long Distance up to 300m

Extend the network further with the AirLive network switches and fiber modules. Use the SFP+ modules in the SFP+ ports which also supports DDM and offers more information about the fiber connection and makes it easier to find any faults or bad connections.


Model AirLive SFP-SR-10G-300M

Power Supply Voltage:


Typical Power Supply Voltage: 3.3V


Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae

Compliant with Digital Diagnostic SFF-8472 Compliant with IEC-60825

DDM Support ESD Protection

Total Supply Current:


Data Rate: 10 Gbps

•  Power Dissipation

Max 1.0 W

Transmitter (Electrical – Optical)

Centre Wavelength:

–  Min.:840nm

–  Typical: 850nm

–  Max.: 860nm

Average Output Power: -5, Max -0dBm Extinction Ratio: Min: 3.0dB

Operating Data Rate: 10Gbps Tx Input Differential. Voltage:

–  Min. 180 Mv

–  Max. 700 mV

Tx Fault Output Voltage – Assert:

–  Min. 2.0V

–  Max. Vcc

Tx Fault Output Voltage – De-Assert:

–  Min. 0V

–  Max. 0.8V

Receiver -Optical, Electrical

Center Wavelength:

–  Typical 850nm

Receive Sensitivity In Average Power:

–  Max. -11.5dBm Los Assert: 12dB

Los De-Assert: -25dBm Los Hysteresis

– Min. 0.5

Receiver Overload: -10.5dBm

Data Input Swing Differential Voltage

–  Min. 180mV

–  Max. 700mV


•  Operating Temperature: 0°C to +70°C

•  Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

•  Working Humidity: 5%~95%, non-condensing

Standard package of SFP

Package size:

TBD mm(L*W*H)

Package Weight:


Package content: 1 x SFP Module

Standard carton package

Quantity: 10 pcs / 1 Blister


5.8×1.3×0.9 cm

Weight   TBD kgs

Ordering Information

•  Model: SFP-SR-10G-300M


10Gbps Fiber Mini GBIC SFP+ Transceiver, 850nm, LC connector,  300M, hot-pluggable

Specification will be changed without prior notice


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