Aiworth WSS101 Multi-purpose Flashlight Radio with Earphone Jack User Manual

User ManualMulti-purpose Flashlight Radiowith Earphone Jack

Radio Operation

  • Press the button to turn on the radio, one of the indi­cator turns blue.
  • Press the band button”BAND” to select FM/AM/WB.
  • After selecting band FM/AM/WB, short press the button to select a channel. You can hold a button to search the channels automatically, it will stop when a channel is properly selected and the green indi­cator light will come on. Extend the antenna and adjust the direction to get a better signal.
  • Press the Volume button” + ” or ” “to adjust volume up/down.


  • Indicator Light(Up to down: Charging indicator、Signal indicator、Power indicator、Alert indicator)

Weather Alert

  • Press the “AL” button to switch to weather alert mode.
  • Once receives bad weather information, “ALERT” will flash on the LCD screen and the device will alarm.
  • Press button “WB” or “BAND” to exit weather alert mode.


  • The flashlight can be turned on by clicking on the light
  • button on the top of the radio.
  • Press it again to turn it off.

Phone Charging

The standard port can be used to charge USB devices. It has the capacity to charge 2000mAh when fully charged. You can also charge your phone by using AAA batteries.


  • To extend the battery life, it’s suggested to use this function only in emergencies.

Power the device

Before powering the radio, make sure you read the safety instructions.

A) USB charging

  • To charge the radio, insert the supplied USB cable into the USB power source. Plus the Micro USB connector into the input port on the side of the radio.
  • The charging indicator will flash red as the battery charges, and it will be constant red when it’s fully
  • It takes 3-4 hours for the internal 18650 2000mAh LI-ION.
  • When completely charged, the battery will deliver 20-22 hours of radio play(depending on the sound volume) or 10-12 hours of flashlight time.


  •  It’s advised to turn off the radio when the device is being charged.

B) Hand crank dynamo

The radio can also be charged by turning the handle on the bottom of the device and activating the dynamo.

  • The handle can be turned either clockwise or counter­ The red LED should also light up when the handle is being turned.
  • Spin the handle for 3 to 5 minutes at the speed of130-150 RPM when using the radio for the first time.
  • One minute of winding gives 5 minutes of radio play (at medium volume) and 30 minutes of light.

C) Solar powered

The radio’s battery can be charged by the solar panel on the top of the device. Try to place the device in clear sun­light to let it charges as efficiently as possible.

  • The red LED indicator should light up when the radio is receiving enough sunlight to start charging up.
  • The charging effect depends on the strength of the sun’s rays. The stronger the light, the better the effect.
  • Kindly remind that it’s difficult to fully charge the unit with the solar panel, which is mostly used for maintain­ing the battery.

D) AAA Dry batteries

Remove the battery compartment cover which is on the bottom of the device, then insert 3 AAA batteries into the compartment. The symbol displayed on the LCD screen battery level will be converted to AAA.


  • Ensure the negative(-) end is placed against the spring.
  • There is a priority to use AAA dry batteries.
  • Remove the AAA dry batteries when they are not in use.

Earphone Jack

  • You can Insert the 3.5mm Earphone jack to enjoy your leisure time listening to the radio.
  • If you press the SOS button at this time, the alarm sound will still be emitted from the speaker and the LCD screen will be closed.

Bottle opener

  • Put the bottle opener in the bottle cap and press down or lift it up by hand to open the cap of beer, coca-cola, or other drink. Best for use in camping or party.

SOS Alarm

  • The radio has an SOS feature for emergencies that activates a loud siren and a flashlight. Hold press the SOS button in the lower-left corner to activate it.
  • Press SOS again to turn it off.


Frequency FM: 87-108MHz AM: 520∼1710KHz

AM: 520∼1710KHz

WB: 162.40∼162.55MHz

Item 159*47*81mm 6.26*1.85*3.19in
Item weight 310g
Maximum 9W
Working 2.7-4.2V
Battery 2000mAh/3.7V Li-ion
IP rating IPX3
Flashlight 1W/70LM

Safety instructions

  • When the radio is first used or sits idle for more than 60 days, please place it under strong solar light (daylight> 86000LUX) for 30 minutes or hand crank for one minute to activate the battery.
  • When using this machine, please do not over-discharge, so as not to reduce the service life of the battery in the machine, or even damage the rechargeable battery.
  • To clean the radio, the surface uses a soft, damp cloth. Do not use alcohol or other liquids containing corrosive ingredients to clean this product.
  • Unit is not waterproof, only water-resistant. Do not sub­merge in water.


The device has a full 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.

Packing list

Radio x 1User Manual x 1Micro USB Cable x 1Packing box x 1

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Made in China

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