Akustik EP24608 Speaker Box User Manual

Akustik EP24608 Speaker Box


  1. Prior to switching on, turn volume down to minimum.
  2. Connect the audio source to the appropriate Input socket.
  3. Another Speaker can be connected to the output socket, so that several boxes canbe daisy chained.
  4. Connect to the mains supply.
  5. Switch on the audio source, followed by the active speaker.
  6. Set the volume with the applicable control.
  7. Adjust the bass + treble.


  • Do not overload the box to avoid damage to the speakers.
  • Do not place an open fire candles etc top or next to the box-Fired Hazard
  • Only connect to an earthed mains output of AC 120V 60Hz/AC 240 V 50Hz.
  • For indoor use only. If the box is used outdoor, you need to make sure that no humidity can enter the box.
  • When not in use, unplug the unit from the mains.
  • Unplug the unit from the mains prior to checking or replacing the fuse.
  • Make sure that the box is placed on a stable, strong surface.
  • Only use suitable means of transportation if you want to move the box-BEWARE OF YOUR BACK.
  • Always unplug the unit during a thunderstorm when it is not in use.
  • If the unit has not been used for a long period of time, condensation can be occured inside the house.
  • Please wait the unit reaching room temperature before switching it on.
  • Never try to repair the unit by yourself. It does not contain any user repairable parts.
  • Run the main leads in a way that nobody can fall over it and nothing can be put onto it.
  • Set the unit to the lowest volume before switching it on.
  • Keep the unit out of the reach to children.



  1. 6.35mm microphone(unbalanced)input
  2. Mic input level control
  3. RCA phono line inputs
  4. XLR line input
  5. Line input level control
  6. 6.35mm line output(unbalanced)
  7. Treble control for high frequencies
  8. Bass control for low frequencies
  9. Clip LED indicator
  10. Power LED indicator
  11. Fused IEC mains inlet
  12. Mains power switch
  13. USB input
  14. SD Card
  15. LCD screen
  16. MP3 player control
  17. USB input level control
  18. 120/240V switch
  19. Speaker out 8 ohm

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