ALFATRON ALF-WMP4 Wireless Microphone System User Manual

ALFATRON ALF-WMP4 Wireless Microphone System User Manual


The Alfatron WMP4 is a wireless microphone system with a controller and four 2.4GHz wireless microphones with a wireless handheld microphone input. Compatible with conferencing software such as Skype, Teams and Zoom. The device features intelligent processing with digital audio processing, dynamic noise reduction, 384ms echo cancellation, full-duplex voice calls, and 360° Omni-directional pickup.The pickup radius of a single omnidirectional microphone is 2m.


  1. Slave status ring light
  2. Built-In microphone
  3. Speaker mute key
  4. Volume – key
  5. Volume – key
  6. Microphone mute key
  7. Charging Indicator
  8. USB charging Interface
  9. Slave on/off buttonWireless microphone slave
  10. Power switch button
  11. DC power input port
  12. External antenna port
  13. External microphone gain adjustmer
  14. U58 5V power output port
  15. 6.5mm microphone Input port
  16. Power indicator
  17. Master US8 data interface
  18. SPEAKER audio output port
  19. SPEAKER audio output status indicator (at front position of host)Panel Diagram in Back of the Most 

Packing List

  • Host and external antenna Xl
  • Wireless microphone slave X4
  • Audio cable and audio adapter X1
  • Host USB cable Xl
  • Host power adapter Xl
  • Slave power adapters X4 sets
  • Operating Manual X1

Installation and Connection of Equipment

  1. As shown in the schematic diagram for connection of host devices, connect the external antenna, then connect the computer via USB to the host device and connect the power for the host device.
  2. Make sure the microphones are fully charged before use. The charging indicator light will be lit orange when charging and off when fully charged. When the host is connected wirelessly to the microphone, the indicator ring will flash red if the battery is low.
  3. To switch on the microphone, long press the power button until the circular green indicator light is on.If the green light flickers, there is no wireless connection with the host.
  4. The distance between the host loudspeaker and the wireless microphone must be more than 2m. The recommended installation distance between the wireless microphones is 1.5m.

Schematic Diagram for Connection of Host Devices

Operation Instructions

  1. Application connection diagram
  2. Application connection diagram for classrooms and meeting rooms with an external microphone


  1. According to the application, determine the installation locations of the active speaker, or amplifier and speakers, and Wireless microphone. Install the antenna on the host.Connect the host to the computer via USB. Adjust the speaker volume to low.Insert the DC adaptor to the wall socket. Turn on the power switch on the host and the power indicator will turn red. The indicator light of the speaker audio output status will turn green by default.
  2. Press and hold the on button of each wireless slave microphone. When the green light indicator is on, it means that the microphone is connected to the host wirelessly.
  3. Open video conferencing software such as Teams, Skype or Zoom, and adjust sound and microphone levels as needed.
  4. During the call, press the “Microphone Mute” button to mute the wireless microphone, the indicator light will turn red. To unmute, push the “Microphone Mute” button again and the red light will turn off.
  5. Push “Speaker mute” key of the wireless microphone to mute the incoming audio, the indicator light will turn red. To resume audio, push the “Speaker mute” key again.
  6. When an additional handheld microphone is needed, you can connect it to the back of the host device using a 6.5mm Jack plug. You can adjust the external microphone gain as necessary.

NOTE: This device works on PC with Windows and other operating systems.The USB interface adopts USB 1.1, USB 2.0 or above. USB is plug and play and does not require additional drivers.


  1. To avoid any issues, please do not connect other USB microphones to the PC.
  2. Connect the USB cable directly to the PC. Utilizing USB Hubs is not recommended.
  3. After the device is connected, the default device for playing (output) and recording (input) will display ALF-WMP4 in the sound and audio properties on the computer.
  4. Please keep the battery of the equipment away from high temperatures and to avoid risk of explosion.
  5. Do not attempt to repair the equipment, contact your local dealer.


This product has a limited 7 Year Warranty. For more information, Please visit

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