alula RE667 Slimline Touchpad Control with 7″ Touchscreen User Guide

Slimline Touchpad

Quick Start Guide

Congratulations on the purchase of your Slimline Touchpad. The vivid 7″ touch-screen is easy to operate, with full status and alarm reporting. It uses an encrypted Wi-FiTM connection to control your cuffing-edge security system, providing a live video feed of security cameras around your property.

Your screen and what it means

Slimline Touchpad Arming Functions

Select the STAY icon to arm your system while you are still on the premises. Motion detectors will be disabled. Set your security system to AWAY when you plan to be off-premises. This setting keeps all motion detectors active.
Armed NIGHT is for when you are on-premises overnight. Your security will arm immediately without an exit delay, motion detectors can be turned off so you can move about freely, or activities to enhance intrusion security. When arming your system to STAYor AWAY, an EXIT DELAY count­ down will start, leaving you time to exit the premises before an alarm is triggered.

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