AMBIENT UMP3 Universal Microphone Power Supply Instruction Manual

Universal Microphone Power SupplyInstruction Manual

Preparing the UMP III

– Push the battery lever on the bottom in and slide right (direction MIC connector)– Insert the battery with the polarity protection gap to the left when looking at the front– Close the door and push back to the left

Power on

Plugin the Mic In cable. The device can only be switched on with the Mic In cable connected.Press the button until the LED turns from red to green, release. The LED will now display the current power setting.

Power settings LED color:

  • Blue (default): 48V Phantom
  • White: 12V Phantom
  • Yellow: 12V T-Power
  •  Red: Low battery, approx. 15min operation left

Note: The default setting is 48V phantom, but the unit will retain a previously selected mode. To prevent damage caused by improper power mode,  check the currently active setting matches your microphone before connecting it.Check the setting while the unit is on briefly tap the button. The Led will blink in the color of the active setting.

Changing the power setting

Alternate between 48V and 12V Phantom: briefly tap the button twice. The unit will light up the setting it would switch to. If you want to confirm, tap while LED is lit, to cancel, wait. The unit will now blink 3 times in the color of the now active mode.Enabling T-Power: tap 3 times. The LED will light up yellow. To confirm, tap the button while LED is lit yellow. The unit will blink 3 times yellow to indicate T-Power is now activated.Disabling T-Power: tap the button twice. The Led will light up blue. To confirm selection tap the button while LED is lit. The unit will blink 3 times blue to indicate 48V Ph is now activated.

Power off

Press the button until the LED lights up red and briefly blinks, release. Alternatively, simply detach the mic input cable at the unit. You can control by tapping the button.


MIC (input):

  • Pin 1: GND
  • Pin 2: Signal hot (12V on T-Power)
  • Pin 3: Signal cold
  • Pin 4: Battery negative (must be bridged to pin 1)

TX (output):

  • Pin 1: GND
  • Pin 2: Signal hot
  • Pin 3: Signal cold

Technical Details

  • Dimensions (WHD): 44 mm x 66 mm x 20 mm
  • Weight (incl. battery): 100 g
  • Material: pearl-blasted aluminum, matte black anodized
  • Powering: 48 V Phantom | 12 V Phantom | 12 V T-power
  • Power supply: 1 NP-50 rechargeable battery
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