AMMONITE AMMO Lithium Charger User Manual

AMMONITE AMMO Lithium Charger


The symbol placed on the product or its package indicates that this product cannot be treated as household waste. It should be handed overto the applicable collection point for the used up electrical and electronic equipment by providing proper storage you may prevent dangerous consequences to the environment and human health. Recycling helps to preserve natural resources. For more information about recycling of this product, please contact your local authorities or authorities responsible for environment protection, your household waste disposal service or the shop where the product was purchased. At the end of the use, the battery should be placed in a special container or brought to a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. In order to do this please read current environmental protection regulations.


AMMO LITHIUM CHARGER is a battery charger intended to charge ACCU TYPE lithium series batteries with 10,8 – 11,1V voltage. AMMO LITHIUM CHARGER is a universal, impulse source ofcurrent which switches off when the battery is fully charged. Charging time is dependent on the charging status of the battery pack. The charger controls the charging current, charging time and the voltage of the battery pack. The charging status is shown on the LCD. The charger is protected against voltage surges occurring in the network 100 / 240V. Charger’s output is equipped with a Cinch type connector. The casing is made of black, high-impact, ABS type plastic  material.


The battery pack must be fully charged before the first use. Avoid deep discharge of the package below 8.0 V (15% on the charging display). Batteries loses their charge itself even when not being used. The result of this process can be deep discharge and, consequently, loss or destruction of the capacity of the package.


  1. Plug the charger into a 100 / 240 V AC mains socket.
  2. The LCD screen indicates charger status with blue background, showing the charging voltage and the battery sign will show battery level.
  3. Connect the battery to AMMO LITHIUM CHARGER with a Cinch type connector.The LCD screen indicates the remaining power in Red background and the charging process works as each grade indicates 5% of the power). The indications on the charger display are only approximate. They serve to determine the estimated battery level.
  4. When the battery is full, the LCD turns blue to indicate it is done.
  5. When using the USB function, connect the charging cable of mobile phone, tablet or another relative device to the USB output of AC adaptor, then it can be used for charging.


  • The charger is designed only for battery packs consisting of Li-Ion cells.
  • Using AMMO LITHIUM CHARGER for any other purpose or using it to charge battery packs or cells which do not comply with the specifications, may cause damage to the battery and/or the charger.
  • Not applicable precautions may be the cause of a fire or battery explosion.
  • Do not short-circuit the charger output cable.
  • The charger heats up when the battery pack is charged. Make sure that the battery is charged in a location with proper heat dissipation of charger and package. Do not cover the charger while charging. Chargers may be used only in dry areas.
  • Keep away from heat, moisture and flooding. Properly used and stored charger should be dry and clean.
  • To clean the charger and the package use a dry cloth.
  • Unplug the charger when is not used.
  • Charger and battery pack are not toys! Keep away from children! Ammonite System is not responsible for any damage or injury resulting from the improper use of the AMMO LITHIUM CHARGER, including charging not intended packages,especially packages of other producers, packages with a different capacity, different voltage or produced in other chemical systems. The charger cannot be open and repaired. In case of charger failure, please contact Ammonite System® service.


Charge battery only with dedicated AMMO Li-Ion charger provided by Ammonite System. Do not discharge the battery pack voltage below 8.0 V (15% on the charger display).

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It is forbidden to:

  • Open the battery pack.
  • Interference with the construction of the battery pack.
  • Short-circuit the battery pack terminals together.
  • Connect the battery pack with the battery pack in the other chemical systems or produced by other manufacturers.
  • Connect the battery pack with the battery pack at the same chemical system and the same manufacturer but with different capacity or rated voltage.
  • Throwing battery pack.
  • Inserting the battery pack into the fire.
  • Immersion in water battery pack without a waterproof case.

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