analogis Y647982 Tracking Force Scales User Manual

Thanks for choosing our digital scale which is easy to operate.Please read the user manual carefully before you use it.

Specification parameter: Capacity/Accuracy

g oz ct ort TL gn
100g/0.01g 3.5275oz/0.0005oz 500.00ct/0.05ct 3.2145. /0.0005ort 2.6667/0.0001 1543.2/0.1gn
  • Auto Power Off” 1 minute (adjustable)
  • Net Weight: 74g (10g weight included) (Fig.3)
  • Working temperature: 10-30°C
  • Stainless Salver Size: 37 x 37 mm
  • LCD Display: 5 digits LCD display
  • Low Power Alarm
  • Backlight: White (Optional)
  • Tare
  • Power Supply: 2 X AG 3 batteries (Fig.3)
  • Size: 48 x 101 x 23 mm
  • 6 Units: g oz ozt ct gn TL


Hold the product and push the bottom cover at the OPEN position of the back as shown in Figure 2, Remove the protective cover (It can also be used as a weighing container as shown in Figure 1), When covering, please put the protective cover. On the side of the quasi-weighing plate, so as to avoid misalignment. Place the product on a solid and flat board wrthout wind and vibrancy.

  1. Press the button..ON.., rhe screen displays “0.00,, in 5 seconds;
  2. Put your goods on the salver. When the display value is stable, you can read the weight.
  3. Press “M,, to switch the weighing unit: g/oz/ozt/ct/gn/TL
  4. Press the button ,.T,,to force to the nulling operation.
  5. Press “ON” again to turn off the device.

Unit Hiding Function

Press [M] key for 4 seconds, all the units will light up and unit OZ blink, then press TARE [T] to hold or close this unit, Press [M] to select next unit, unit g can not be closed. Press “M” for 4 seconds to return normal weighing state.

Auto power off setting

Press T for 4 seconds till it shows AU 60 (Power off in 60 seconds), Press M to choose the correct power on time (30seconds is one unit to increase or reduce, 0=do not power off automatically). The scale can work normally after setting completed.

Fast calibration function

Press the button “ON/OFF” for 2 seconds when the scale display -0- till the screen displays a weight (for example:100.00), Please put right calibration weights on the salver, It will stop blinking in 3 seconds, thecalibration is finished. (Press UNIT/TARE to increase/reduce the calibration value, it can increase/reduce 10g each time, 10g calibration weight is inclused)


  • Place the instrument on a solid and flat board without wind and vibrancy.
  • Do not over load, otherwise the sensor will be damaged; Do not bump the salver when you put the goods on the salver, put it carefully.
  • Keep away from mobile phones,>30 cm
  • Read the weight when the display value is stable on the display screen.
  • Replace batteries when it shows battery icon, please remove the battery when you are not using it for a long time.
  • Working temperature: 10-30°C
  • Please calibrate the scale if the temperature is too low/high.Please place the scale for 30 minutes first, let the temperate is even, then make the calibration.
  • The screen display “FULL” when it is over weight.
  • Please do not disassemble! Carefull storage.

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