Digital Anemometer Instruction Manual WT9028

Instruction Manual

Digital Anemometer WT9028


A. Function

  1. Measurement of wind speed and temperature
  2. Wind cold indicator
  3. Switch wind speed units
  4. Real-time measurement of wind speed and average wind speed
  5. Measurement of maximum wind speed and minimum wind speed
  6. Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius unit
  7. Timed automatic shutdown (automatic shutdown after 10mins of no button operation)
  8. LED lighting
  9. Measurement of air volume


B. Instruction of parts and LCD display

Instruction of parts (as shown in picture)

  1. Fan blades
  2. LCD display
  3. Up/Maximum/Minimum mode
  4. Power/backlight
  5. Average wind speed measurement
  6. Switch of wind speed units/ Down
  7. LED lighting
  8. Data holding/Setting
  9. Battery door
  10. LED lighting

Instruction of LCD display (as shown in picture)

  1. Beaufort wind scale
  2. Low battery indicator
  3. Timing automatic shutdown indicator
  4. Wind speed unit:m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph
  5. Air volume unit: CMM,CFM
  6. Wind cold indicator
  7. Wind speed icon
  8. Data holding
  9. Temperature unit & area unit
  10. Temperature display area
  11. Area value
  12. Two-thirds of maximum wind speed/maximum/minimum/average wind speed
  13. X10 times, X100 times (X10 appears when the value exceeds 99.99, X100 appears when the value exceeds 999.99)
  14. Air volume icon
  15. Wind speed / air volume display area


C. Operation instruction


D. Technical Parameters


Specific Declarations:

Our company shall hold no any responisibility resulting from using output from this product as an direct or indirect evidence. We reserves the right to modify product design and specification without notice.


Digital Anemometer Instruction Manual WT9028 – Digital Anemometer Instruction Manual WT9028 –

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