ANTOP AT-500SBS HDTV and FM Amplified Antenna Installation Guide

ANTOP AT-500SBS HDTV and FM Amplified Antenna Installation Guide

Installation Instruction Manual

Your HD Smart Bar HDTV & FM Amplified Antenna/ AT-S00SBS is perfect for indoor use nd features ANTOP’s exclusive Smart Boost System (SBS) that allows you to adjust theantenna’s reception power with a simple turn of a dial! The Smart Bar is part of ANTOP’sNew Generation Digital Technology that allows you the flexibility to set up your antenna in various locations and still receive a great digital reception.

ANTOP’s New Generation Digital Technology

  • Smart Boost System: Activate the SBS and you can connect a second device simultaneously to the AT-S00SBS: FM stereo, a second TV, or any OTA-Ready streaming device or projector!
  • The SBS design allows easier connection, and dials-in the correct balance between shortand long-range reception.
  • 4G LTE filter: blocks 3G and 4G wireless signals to ensure noise-free digital TV reception. Following are instructions for installation options for indoor table top use, wall mounted orplaced in an attic. Read through all instructions prior to beginning installation procedure.

Note: Although this antenna is great for indoor use, a higher mounting location or placement positioned towards the broadcast tower may result in better reception. Install the antenna as high as possible, and preferably with a clear path between the antenna and the TV station transmitters. Trees, buildings, mountains, etc., can all impact the performance of any antenna.

1.1 For Table Top Mounting with Stand

For horizontal positioning: Hold the antenna in a horizontal position then slide the antenna downwards into the stand. Slide down until slots on back side of antenna go into the stand andyou hear a “click” sound. For vertical positioning: From rear view of antenna, hold the antenna right side down. Slide the antenna downward into the stand. Slide down until tab on right side of antenna go into the stand.

                               Figure  1.1

1.2 Wall Mounting

Measure the distance between two hanging holes and draw position symbols on the wall. Attach two screws (not provided) into the wall according to the symbols. Match screws to hangingholes and place screws into hanging holes to hang the antenna. Antenna can be positioned horizontally or vertically (horizontal mounting illustrated below).

                            Figure  1.2

1.3 Attic Placement

Antenna can be placed in an attic, either in horizontal or vertical position. Local a suitable area in your attic and follow the table top mounting with stand installation instructions from above.

2 / Connecting

Connect the coaxial cable of antenna to the ANTENNA IN of power booster. Connect TV and other devices to the power booster via TV and TV/FM outputs. Connect the power adapter to the DC socket.

In order to adjust the amplifier gain, use the power booster dial:

  • To increase gain, turn the dial clockwise.
  • To reduce gain, turn the dial counter clockwise.

3 / Setting and Scanning

In the lV’s setup menu, set the mode to “Antenna” or “Air’: then, set lV to “Scan” for channels. Consult the lV manual for detailed instructions.

4/ Placing and Adjusting Instruction

Test the antenna in multiple locations and adjust it horizontally or vertically to find the best one for reception before fixing it. A high location or positioning the antenna toward the broadcasttower may result in better reception.


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