APRICORN 3NXC Aegis Secure Key Encrypted USB Type-C Flash Drive User Guide

Aegis Secure Key 3NXC

Quick Start GuideFirst-Time Use / Admin Mode Setup

NOTE: if you are using the Aegis Configurator to set up your Aegis Secure Key 3NX, First ensure that the device to be configured has the “configurable” logo on the back of the CONFIGURABLE 3 4 def ghi outer sleeve. Also, DO NOT perform the following Manual Admin and USER PIN SETUP steps below; the Aegis Configurator will only recognize devices in their factory “out of box” state or devices that have been completely reset.Each Aegis Secure Key is shipped without a preset Personal Identification Number (PIN.) To prepare the Key for use, the user must first establish an Admin PIN that is between 7 and 16 digits in length. PINs cannot contain all consecutive numbers or all the same numbers (e.g. 123456789, 987654321 or 11111111, 22222222, etc. This Admin PIN is used to set the Secure Key’s various Admin features and also servesas the first of two User PINS for the Secure Key’s standard operation.

To Set Up the Admin PIN:

  1. Wake up the Secure Key by pressing. (BLUE and GREEN LEDs will glow solidly, indicating no Admin PIN has been established.)
  2. Press + 9 simultaneously. (BLUE LED will glow solidly and GREEN LED will blink.)
  3. Enter the PIN to be used as your Admin code and press(If PIN is accepted, BLUE LED will turn off momentarily and GREEN LED will blink 3 times by itself, then will continue blinking as the BLUE LED glows solidly.)*
  4. Quickly re-enter that same PIN once more and press(BLUE LED will turn off momentarily and GREEN LED will illuminate for one second until replaced by the BLUE LED glowing solidly, indicating that the Admin PIN has been set and the Secure Key is in Admin mode, ready to add another User PIN [see reverse]  or for setting up features.)
  5. To exit the Admin mode, press (RED LED will glow solidly) or wait 30 seconds and Secure Key will return to sleep mode.
  6. If no additional users are to be added or Admin features set, Secure Key setup is now complete and ready for use.

IMPORTANT:Do NOT press any buttons while the Secure Key is plugged into a USB port. Doing so may cause damage to the USB port and Secure Key USB Connector.

Battery NoteThe Aegis Secure Key has an internal rechargeable battery with a smart charging circuit and will automatically charge whenever it’s plugged into a powered USB port. After initial Admin PIN setup, when plugged into a powered USB port while in standby mode, the Red LED will pulse to indicate that it’s charging and will glow solidly once fully charged. Since the Secure Key ships with a partial charge, plug it into a powered USB port for 60-80 minutes to give the battery a full charge before initial setup (RED LED will still be blinking.)

Adding a New User PIN

There are two ways to establish a User PIN: Admin-generated while in Admin Mode, andUser-generated while Secure Key is placed in User Forced Enrollment State.


  1. Enter the Admin Mode by pressing and holding + 0 for five seconds (RED LED will blink.)Enter the Admin PIN and press(BLUE LED will glow solidly.)
  2. Press and hold + 1 until the BLUE LED glows solidly and the GREEN LED starts blinking.
  3. Enter the PIN to be used as your User code and press. (BLUE LED will turn off and GREEN LED will blink 3 times by itself, then will continue blinking as BLUE LED resumes glowing solidly)
  4. Quickly re-enter that same PIN once more and press .(If the PIN was successfully added, BLUE LED will turn off, GREEN LED will illuminate for a second or two and then will turn off, followed by the BLUE LED glowing solidly indicating that the key has returned to Admin Mode. If PIN is unacceptable or the second entry doesn’t match the first, REDLED will flash three times, followed by solid BLUE / Blinking GREEN LEDs–Return to step 5 to retry.)

Locking the Key

To lock the key, simply press the button. When locked, the RED LED will glow solidly.If data is still being written to the Secure Key, it will wait for this operation to be completed before the locking operation takes place. The button can also be used to exit out of the Admin mode.Note: The Aegis Secure Key will not be recognized by any operating system in its locked state.

Unlocking the Key

  1. Beginning in standby mode, press the button to wake the drive. (The RED LED will glow solidly.)
  2. Enter either an Admin PIN or User PIN and press the button. (If the PIN is accepted, the GREEN LED will quickly blink four times, then continue to blink slowly until it’s plugged into a USB port, after which will then glow solidly; If the PIN is incorrect, the RED LED will blink three times and then glow solidly.) Upon correct PIN entry, the key will be unlocked and ready for use. If it is not plugged into a USB port within 30 seconds, the key will return to sleep mode and automatically lock itself.

Formatting For Mac OSThe Aegis Secure Key comes preformatted in NTFS for Windows® and is ready for use. For the Mac OS, you must first reformat the drive to a Mac-compatible file system. Once the drive is unlocked and inserted into a USB port, open the Mac Disk Utility from Applications/Utilities/Disk Utilities and perform the following:

  1. Select the Aegis Secure Key from the list of drives and volumes.
  2. Click the ‘Erase’ tab.
  3. Enter a name for the drive. The default name is Untitled. The drive’s name will eventually appear on the desktop.
  4. Select a volume format to use. The Volume Format dropdown menu lists the available drive formats that the Mac supports. The recommended format type is ‘Mac OS Extended (Journaled).’
  5. Click the ‘Erase’ button. Disk Utility will unmount the volume from the desktop, erase it, and then remount it on the desktop.

Complete formatting instructions can be found online at


Technical Support

  1. Website https://www.apricorn.com/FAQs
  2. E-mail us at [email protected]
  3. Call Technical Support at 1-800-458-5448 from8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST, M – F
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