ARCTIC F Pro PWM Computer case Fan User Guide

F Pro PWM Computer case Fan

Dear CustomerThank you for choosing a fan of the ARCTIC F Pro fan series. This fan was optimized to work as a case fan with little to no resistance and offers in this setup an unparalleled noise performance ratio.

YOU are the center of ARCTIC. We work hard to approach all angles from a user’s perspective and are fully dedicated to creating innovative, user-friendly, and affordable devices. YOUR satisfaction is our ultimate goal. In order to assist you even better, we launched a support platform for Smartphones (

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Plugs / Sockets

How to Plug Your Fan

If Connecting with Multiple Fans

*We recommend not to chain more than 5 fans as some motherboards may only deliver 1.0A per fan header. Please consult your motherboard specification.

Activate PWM Control

In the mainboard BIOS, you can activate and configure the PWM fan speed. Please note the examples below are for reference only. Refer to your mainboard manual regarding the settings in your BIOS.

ASRockFM2A85X-ITX (UEFI Setup Utility)H/W Monitor > CPU_FAN1 Setting > Silent ModeGigabyte MA78GM-S2H (CMOS Setup Utility)PC Health Status > CPU Smart FAN Control [Enable] CPU Smart FAN Mode [Auto]

ASRock H55M/USB 3 P1.40 (BIOS Setup Utility)H/W Monitor > CPU Fan Setting > CPU Fan Setting [Automatic mode]Notes:– Target Fan Speed [Level 1 – 9]– At Level 1, the case fan may NOT spin at startup, itwill spin at a higher CPU temperature.

JW Technology JW-H55M-PRO V 1.01 (BIOS Setup Utility) Power > PC Health Status > CPU Fan Mode [Manual] Target Fan Speed [0 – 255]Notes:– Fan will spin at minimum speed at 40-60. Approximate PWM Value would be Target FanSpeed /2.5e.g. Target Fan Speed 40 ~ PWM Value 16%

ASUS P5G41T-M LX (BIOS Setup Utility)Power > CPU Q-Fan Control [Enabled]CPU Fan Profile [Silent / Optimal /Performance mode]Notes:– The case fan spins slowly at idle for all three modes.It is also possible to adjust the fan speed in manual mode to customize according to your own preference.

It is suggested to set the PWM Value at a minimum of 15%. A percentage lower than that may not generate enough motion to spin the fan.

Warranty This ARCTIC product includes a six-year limited warranty. For further information, please visit

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