Armacost RGB14REM Wireless Touchpad for 30 Color RGB LED Controller User Guide

Armacost RGB14REM Wireless Touchpad for 30 Color RGB LED Controller


The Armacost Lighting Wireless Touchpad is for use only with Armacost Lighting’s professional grade 30 Color RGB LED Controller (Model RGB8KEY-RF-WR) and 30 Color RGB Slimline Controller with Hand Held Remote (HHRGB14). It provides remote control of low voltage RGB LED lighting and works through walls and doors up to 100 ft. away. Using radio frequency (RF) technology, it eliminates the need to run wires from the RGB LED lighting to the wireless touchpad and is useful in projects where installing new cabling can be diffi cult.

  • Features RF pairing technology for expandability and multi-zone lighting control. The wireless touchpad can be paired to control and synchronize multiple Armacost Lighting RGB controller receivers in the same area, or multiple touchpad/receiver sets can control different zones of lighting in the same area without cross interference.
  • Includes designer-style wireless touchpad, mounting screws, drywall anchors, and battery.
  • Units are for dry location only. If used outdoors, keep in a dry location. Wireless function may cease to operate properly in closeto- freezing temperatures.


Your RGB color controller contains a radio frequency (RF) receiver that will need to be programmed or paired to recognize the frequency code of the wireless touchpad.

The wireless touchpad only works with Armacost Lighting’s 30 Color RGB LED controllers, models RGB8KEY-RF-WR and HHRGB14.

  1. Following the instructions that came with your color controller, connect the RGB color controller receiver to your power supply and RGB LED lights. Be sure your power supply is turned on. The red power indicator light will illuminate on model RGB8KEY. Model HHRGB14 does not have a power indicator light. Turn your LED lighting on and select any a static color using the mode key on the receiver. Model HHRGB14 will already be on a static color or change using the hand held remote that was supplied with the unit.
  2. Shut off power to the receiver unit by unplugging the power supply – do not use the power OFF key on model RGB8KEY. Wait at least 5 seconds.
  3. Press and hold the power and brightness down keys simultaneously. While continuing to hold the buttons, restore power to the color controller. This action will pair the two devices.For model RGB8KEY-RF-WR the green signal light on the receiver will fl ash once to confirm successful pairing. For model HHRGB14, the LED tape light will quickly flash once when paired.

Common Code Pairing

It is possible to pair multiple receivers to the same single transmitter by simply repeating the steps above with additional receiver units. Please note that only static colors will synchronize; color-changing effects will not synchronize due to the various cycling speeds of each unit. In addition, if you repeatedly press any of the touchpad keys too fast, the RGB controllers will lose their synchronization. To re-synchronize, press the reset key on the touchpad transmitter. All receivers and RGB LED lighting will reset to the same off-white color. For effective synchronization, all receivers must be within range of the single wireless touchpad.Note: you can also “un-pair” the RGB controllers by following the process above but press the brightness up and brightness down keys.



Designer-style wireless touchpad transmitter can easily be surface mounted or installed in-wall. It comes with a switch plate, mounting screws and drywall anchors. The touchpad design will blend with existing residential and commercial switches and dimming décor.

Note: Compatible with many, but not all, switch plates made by other manufacturers.


Memory and Reset Function KeyThe unit will remember the settings for brightness and speed for each color and each effect. For instance, if one color is dimmed, the unit will maintain that setting for that color until changed, even if the power is turned off. If your power goes out, when it is restored, the unit will go to your last color or effects setting. The wireless touchpad is designed with a unique reset function key. Pressing the reset key will take the RGB controller to the #1 sequence position which is an off-white color. At the same time, it will automatically return the brightness settings on all colors to 100% full brightness and any programmed effect speeds will return to the medium speed setting.Colors and effectsPressing the reset key will take you to the #1 static color position which is an off white color. All colors are arranged in common color groupings for easy navigation, colors are fully dimmable.

1-5 Shades of white 31 White strobe6-12 Shades of blue 32 Full color cross fade13-17 Shades of green 33 Red, white and green cross fade18-21 Shades of yellow 34 Red, white and blue cross fade22-26 Shades of red 35 Red and white cross fade27-30 Shades of purple 36 Red, gold and green cross fade


LED tape light strip does not light, fl ickers, or there is limited or inconsistent colors.

Make sure the power supply and RGB color controller are turned on and receiving power. Confi rm you have maintained correct polarity on all wire connections (V+, red to red, green to green, blue to blue) when joining RGB LED strips as well as when connecting wires to the RGB color controller and to the power supply. Press the reset key. If any other color appears other than an off-white, then you have a bad connection or RGB wire polarity is not correct. Check to be sure all connections are secure. If you have a failed connector, you can easily solder wires to the LED tape and solder splice connections. Soldering is the surest method for making extra reliable electrical connections. Never use connectors in RV or boat applications due to possible vehicle vibrations. To learn about best soldering practices visit

The wireless touchpad is not working.

Be sure the touchpad is in range of your receiver. Try moving the touchpad closer to the receiver. The transmitter is a radio frequency (RF) device and, as such, the range of the wireless remote control is dependent on many factors. Actual operational distance will vary based on walls and line of sight obstructions, and other nearby electronic devices. Be sure your battery is good. Replace the battery if in doubt. A battery will last from 6 months up to 2 years, depending on usage. The receiver may need to be paired again with your transmitter. If your RGB controller receiver is functioning properly, and you know your transmitter battery is fresh, yet the transmitter will not control your lighting, please revisit the pairing instructions.

Static colors display uneven brightness or a color shift.

This may be due to voltage drop. Shorten the length of your RGB lighting installation or reduce the length of RGB power wire and/or use thicker wires. Refer to your RibbonFlex Pro specifi c model’s Installation Guidelines for options on other installation confi gurations that may reduce voltage drop.

For help with larger LED lighting installations, email [email protected]


Wireless working frequency ………………………………………………..433.92MhzTransmitter battery ……………………………………………………… CR2032 3-voltFCC ID ……………………………………………………………………. NWKHF10008Country of origin ……………………………………………………………………. China

Limited 1-year warranty. This product is for dry location use only. Improper installation, improper powering, abuse, or failure to use this device for its intended purpose will void warranty. Proof of purchase is required for all returns. Questions? Email [email protected]

This item is a Radio Frequency Device (RF), and as such the range of the remote control is dependent on many factors. Actual operational distance will vary based on walls and line of sight obstructions, and other nearby electronic devices.

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. this device may not cause harmful interference, and
  2. this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user authority to operate the equipment.
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