aska NC07 True Wireless Stereo Earphones Instructions


NO. Function Operation LED Status
1 ANC on/AMBIENT/ANC off Long press the MFB key for about 1s under Shutdown /Click the NC/AMBIENT button to shift ANC /ANC on white light is on ANC mode/transparent mode/ANC off
2 The  noise reduction mode 1. ANC  noise  reduction  can be  used  together  with Bluetooth

2.  When  the  earphone  is powered,  ANC noise  reduction can also be used together with AUX

3 Power On Long Press the MFB key for about 1s under shutdown The white light always goes on for 1s power on


4 Power off 3s/Long press the MFB key for about 3s when the machine is on The red indicator light always goes on for 1 second and then goes power off
5 Paired connection successful The phone searches for headphones and connects Bluetooth connected
6 Connection is broken Phone and earphone connection out of range (> 10 m) Bluetooth disconnect ted
7 Aux input Insert  the line – in / /
8 Adjust  the volume Short  press  volume  + button to increase the volume / /
9 Adjust  the volume Short  press  volume  – Button to reduce the volume / /
10 Songs to choose Double-click  Volume  -button  for  the  previous track / /
11 Pause/Play Short  press the MFB button / /
12 Answer/end calls Short  press the MFB button / /
13 Refuse  to answer the phone Long  press  the  volume  + button  for  2  seconds  to reject calls / /
14 factory data reset When  in  charge,  long press MFB + volume + 3s / /
15 Reset If the headset does not turn on even after full charge or does not respond during use,  please follow the following steps to reset it: Connect the headset to the  COMPUTER’sUSB port or  USB  power adapter with the charging cable.  The  red  indicator lights up to indicate that the headset has been reset The red  indicator  light is always on


16 Low power alarm 3.35V The red light flashing Battery low
17 charging Use DC5V power to input USB-C charging cable to charge the headset The red indicator will /
18 The  firmware update Insert  USB-C,  double click  the  power  button  to enter  DFU  mode,  and upgrade through  the  computer HID devise DFU upgrade /
19 DUT  test mode 1.  Three  MFB  keys  at  the same  time2.  After  DUT operation, it is necessary to  replug  and  unplug  the The  red  and  blue lights  flash  three times  at  the  same time
20 Compatible with Phones, computers,
21 Power display

4.2V  100%4V    80%3.8V  60%3.6V  40%3.35V  20%

iPhone, iPad the device, Android 8.0 above
The Bluetooth audio device will shut down the automatically if it is not connected to the audio device for more than 10 minutes. If it is connected to the audio device, it will not shut
Prompt every 3 minutes
Plug one end of the USB cable  into the computer and plug  in the headset

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