AtlasScientific Gravity Analog isolator User Guide

V 1.2Revised 10/20Gravity™ Analog isolator

Written by Jordan Press Designed by Noah PressThis is an evolving document, check back for updates.

Gravity dimensions

Current consumption

23mA5V 15.7mA3.3V 5V 3.3V
Gravity™ Analog pH 26mA 18.7mA
Gravity ™ Analog ORP 26mA 18.7mA
Gravity™ Analog D.O. 26mA 18.7mA

Connection pins

The Gravity™Analog Isolator mates with Atlas Scientific Gravity™Analog Sensors / Meters through their 3 pin headers.

Wiring diagram

Analog isolationIsolating an analog signal is a challenging task, there is no single component that can do this. The Gravity™ Analog Isolator uses three components to achieve this, a voltage isolator, a PWM generator, and an Opto-isolator. The Voltage Isolator is needed to supply the Gravity™sensor. The PWM generator converts an analog signal to a square wave, which can then pass through the Opto-isolator.

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