AT&T Dect 6.0 Cordless Telephone [CL82219, CL82229, CL82319, CL82419] User Manual

AT&T Dect 6.0 Cordless Telephone [CL82219, CL82229, CL82319, CL82419] User Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of this AT&T product. Before using this AT&T product, please read the Important safety information section on pages 1-3 of this manual.Both the model and serial numbers of your AT&T product can be found on the bottom of the telephone base. Save your sales receipt and original packaging in case it is necessary to return your telephone for warranty service.For customer service, please visit our website at or call 1 (800) 222-3111. In Canada, dial 1 (866) 288-4268.

Please refer to the online CL82219/CL82229/CL82319/CL82419 DECT 6.0 cordless telephone/ answering system with caller ID/ call waitingComplete user’s manual for a full set of installation and operation instructions at


Parts checklist

Your telephone package contains the following items.

Quick start guideSmart call blocker leafletTelephone basePower for telephone baseCordless handset (2 for CL82219/ CL82229) (3 for CL82319) (4 for CL82419)Charger for cordless handset with power adapter installed (1 for CL82219/CL82229) (2 for CL82319) (3 for CL82419)

Battery for cordless handset (2 for CL82219/ CL82229) (3 for CL82319) (4 for CL82419)Battery compartment cover (2 for CL82219/ CL82229) (3 for CL82319) (4 for CL82419)Telephone line cordWall-mount bracket

Important safety information

This symbol is to alert you to important operating or servicing instructions that may appear in this user’s manual. Always follow basic safety precautions when using this product to reduce the risk of injury, fire, or electric shock.


Safety information

  • Read and understand all instructions in the user’s manual. Observe all markings on the product.
  • Avoid using a telephone during a thunderstorm. There may be a slight chance of electric shock from lightning.
  • Do not use a telephone in the vicinity of a gas leak. Under certain circumstances, a spark may be created when the adapter is plugged into the power outlet, or when the handset is replaced in its cradle. This is a common event associated with the closing of any electrical circuit. In an inadequately ventilated environment, the user should not plug the phone into a power outlet, nor put a charged handset into the cradle where there are concentrations of flammable or flame-supporting gases. A spark in such an environment could create a fire or explosion. Such environments may include: medical use of oxygen without adequate ventilation; industrial gases (cleaning solvents; gasoline vapors; etc.); a leak of natural gas; etc.
  • Do not use this product near water or when you are wet. For example, do not use it in a wet basement or shower, nor next to a swimming pool, bathtub, kitchen sink, and laundry tub. Do not use liquids or aerosol sprays for cleaning.If the product comes in contact with any liquid, unplug any line or power cord immediately. Do not plug the product back in until it has dried thoroughly.
  • Install this product in a protected location where no one can trip over any line or power cords. Protect cords from damage or abrasion.
  • If this product does not operate normally, see the Troubleshooting section of the online Complete user’s manual. If you cannot solve the problem, or if the product is damaged, refer to the Limited warranty section on pages 28 – 30. Do not open this product except as directed in your user’s manual. Opening the product or reassembling it incorrectly may expose you to hazardous voltages or other risks.
  • Replace batteries only as described in your user’s manual (page 5). Do not burn or puncture batteries — they contain caustic chemicals.
  • The power adapters are intended to be correctly oriented in a vertical or floor mount position. The prongs are not designed to hold the plug in place if it is plugged into a ceiling, under-the-table or cabinet outlet.


  • Use only the power adapters provided with this product. To obtain a replacement, visit our website at or call 1 (800) 222-3111. In Canada, dial 1 (866) 288-4268.
  • Use only the supplied rechargeable battery or replacement battery (model BT183342/BT283342). To order, visit our website at or call 1 (800) 222-3111. In Canada, dial 1 (866) 288-4268.

CAUTION: To prevent risk of fire or battery explosion, replace with the correct battery type. Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions.


Especially about cordless telephones

  • Privacy: The same features that make a cordless telephone convenient create some limitations. Telephone calls are transmitted between the telephone base and the handset by radio waves, so there is a possibility that your cordless telephone conversations could be intercepted by radio receiving equipment within range of the cordless handset. For this reason, you should not think of cordless telephone conversations as being as private as those on corded telephones.
  • Electrical power: The telephone base of this cordless telephone must be connected to a working electrical outlet which is not controlled by a wall switch.Calls cannot be made from the handset if the telephone base is unplugged, switched off or if the electrical power is interrupted.
  • Potential TV interference: Some cordless telephones operate at frequencies that may cause interference to TVs and VCRs. To minimize or prevent such interference, do not place the telephone base of the cordless telephone near or on top of a TV or VCR. If interference is experienced, moving the cordless telephone farther away from the TV or VCR will often reduce or eliminate the interference.
  • Rechargeable batteries: This product contains nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries. Exercise care in handling batteries in order not to create a short circuit with conductive material such as rings, bracelets and keys. The battery or conductor may overheat and cause harm. Observe proper polarity between the battery and the battery charger.
  • Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries: Dispose of these batteries in a safe manner. Do not burn or puncture. Like other batteries of this type, if burned or punctured, they could release caustic material which could cause injury.

The RBRC Seal means that the manufacturer is voluntarily participating in an industry program to collect and recycle nickelmetal hydride rechargeable batteries when taken out of service within the United States. These batteries may be taken to a participating local retailer of replacement batteries or recycling center. You may call 1-800-8-BATTERY® for locations accepting spent Ni-MH batteries.The RBRC Seal and 1-800-8-BATTERY® are registered trademarks of Call2recycle, Inc.


Precautions for users of implanted cardiac pacemakers

Cardiac pacemakers (applies only to digital cordless telephones):Wireless Technology Research, LLC (WTR), an independent research entity, led a multidisciplinary evaluation of the interference between portable wireless telephones and implanted cardiac pacemakers. Supported by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, WTR recommends to physicians that:Pacemaker patients:

  • Should keep wireless telephones at least six inches from the pacemaker.
  • Should NOT place wireless telephones directly over the pacemaker, such as in a breast pocket, when it is turned ON.
  • Should use the wireless telephone at the ear opposite the pacemaker.

WTR’s evaluation did not identify any risk to bystanders with pacemakers from other persons using wireless telephones.

ECO mode

This power conserving technology reduces power consumption for optimal battery performance. The ECO mode activates automatically whenever the handset is synchronized with the telephone base.

Especially about telephone answering systems

Two-way recording: This unit does not sound warning beeps to inform the other party that the call is being recorded. To ensure that you are in compliance with any federal or state regulations regarding recording a telephone call, you should start the recording process and then inform the other party that you are recording the conversation.


Telephone base


  • Plug one end of the telephone line cord into a telephone jack or a DSL filter.
  • If you have DSL high-speed Internet service, a DSL filter (not included) is required.

Caution: Use only the power adapter(s) provided with this product. To obtain a replacement, visit our website at or call 1 (800) 222-3111. In Canada, dial 1 (866) 288-4268.


Install the battery, as shown below.

  1. Charge your handset(s) before initial use. The battery is fully charged after 10 hours of continuous charging. The CHARGE light on the top of the handset is on during charging.

Caution: Use only the supplied rechargeable battery or replacement battery (model BT183342/BT283342).

Handset overview

  1. REDIAL/PAUSE* Press repeatedly to view the last ten numbers dialed.* While entering numbers, press and hold to insert a dialing pause.MENU/ SELECT* When the handset is not in use, press to show the menu.* While in the menu, press to select an item or save an entry or setting.
  2. VOL DIR* Press to show directory entries when the handset is not in use.* Press to scroll up while in menus.* Press to increase the listening volume when on a call.CALL BLOCK* Press to block the incoming call when the telephone isringing.* When on a call, press to block the call.* When the handset is not in use, press to show the callblock menu.VOL CID* Press to show caller ID log when the handset is not in use.* Press to scroll down while in menus.* Press to decrease the listening volume when on a call.
  3. PHONE/ FLASH* Press to make or answer a call.* During a call, press to answer an incoming call when you receive a call waiting alert.OFF/ CANCEL* During a call, press to hang up.* While in a menu, press to cancel an operation, back up to the previous menu, or exit the menu display; or press and hold this button to exit to idle mode.
  4. 1* Press and hold to set or dial your voicemail number.TONE /a>A* Press to switch to tone dialing temporarily during a call if you have pulse service.* While entering names, press to change the next letter to upper or lower case.QUIET#* Press and hold to enter the QUIET mode setting screen, or to deactivate QUIET mode.
  5. PTT* Press to initiate a one-to-one or one-to-group broadcast.* Press and hold to broadcast to a group of system devices.
  6. MUTE/ DELETE* During a call, press to mute the microphone.* Press to delete digit or character.
  7. /SPEAKER* Press to make or answer a call using the speakerphone.
  8. CHARGE light* On when the handset is charging in the telephone base or charger.

Telephone base overview

Telephone base
  1. IN USE indicator* On when the telephone is in use, or when the answering system is answering an incoming call.* Flashes when another telephone is in use on the same line.
  2. /REPEAT* Press to repeat a message.* Press twice to play the previous message.X/DELETE* Press to delete the message currently playing.* Press twice to delete all old messages when the telephone is not in use./SKIP* Press to skip a message/ /PLAY/ STOP* Press to start or stop message playback. Message counter* Shows the number of messages.
  3. VOLUME * While in idle mode, press to adjust the base ringer volume.* During message playback, press to adjust the listening volume.
  4. FIND HS* While the phone is idle, press to page all handsets.
  5. /ANS ON/OFF* Press to turn the built-in answering system on or off.

Initial basic settings

After you install your telephone or power returns following a power outage, the handset and telephone base will prompt you to set the date and time. To skip setting the date and time, press OFF/CANCEL on the handset.

Voice guide to set Smart call blocker and answering system

After the date and time setting is done or skipped, the telephone base will prompt if you want to set Smart call blocker. Press MENU/SELECT to start the Smart call blocker setup via voice guide. To skip the setup, press OFF/CANCEL.After the Smart call blocker setting is done or skipped, the telephone base will then prompt if you want to set up the answering system. Press MENU/SELECT to start the answering system setup via voice guide. To skip the setup, press OFF/CANCEL.We recommend you program your telephone system before use. The following are a few examples of common features to set before using the telephone. Refer to the Handset and telephone base settings and Answering system settings in the Complete user’s manual for detailed instructions on setting all telephone features. Note: You can restart the voice guide to set Smart call blocker by resetting your handset power.

Date and time

Note: Set the date/time before using the answering system.

  1. MENU -> or -> Set date/time -> SELECT.
  2.  Enter the month, day and year using the dialing keys -> SELECT.
  3.  Enter the hour and minute using the dialing keys.
  4.  or to choose AM or PM -> SELECT.
Basic answering system setup via voice guide

You can follow the voice guide to record your own announcement, set the number of rings and set the message alert tone.

  1. . MENU -> or -> Answering sys -> SELECT.
  2. or -> Voice guide -> SELECT.
  3.  Set up the answering system by inputting the designated numbers, as instructed.
Record your own announcement

Your outgoing announcement plays when calls are answered by the answering system. You can use the preset announcement to answer calls, or replace it with your own recorded announcement.

  1.  MENU -> or -> Answering sys -> SELECT.
  2.  SELECT to select Announcement.
  3. SELECT  to select Record annc.
  4. Facing the handset, record your announcement and press 5 to end recording.
Number of rings

You can set the answering system to answer an incoming call after 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 rings. You can also select toll saver. If you choose toll saver, the answering system answers a call after two rings when you have new messages, and after four rings when there are no new messages. This enables you to check for new messages  and avoid paying unnecessary long distance charges if you are calling from out of your local area.If you want the built-in answering system instead of the voicemail to answer a call, you should set the answering system to answer a call at least two rings before the voicemail is set to answer. Contact your telephone service provider for information on your voicemail settings.

  1.  MENU -> or -> Answering sys -> SELECT.
  2. or -> Ans sys setup -> SELECT.
  3. or -> # of rings -> SELECT.
  4. or to choose among 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or Toll saver -> SELECT.
Ringer volume

You can set the ringer volume level to one of the six levels, or turn the ringer off.

  1. MENU -> or -> Answering sys -> SELECT.
  2. SELECT to select Ringer volume.
  3. or to choose the desire level -> SELECT.
LCD language

Using a cordless handset or the telephone base:

  1. MENU -> / -> Settings -> SELECT.
  2. SELECT again to select LCD language.
  3. / to choose English, Français or Español -> SELECT.

Note: If you accidentally change the LCD language to French or Spanish, you can reset it back to English without going through the French or Spanish menus.

  • Press MENU on the handset in idle mode -> enter 364#; or

Operation: StepsMaking a call: Press PHONE or /SPEAKER -> Enter the telephone number.On-hook dialing (predialing): Enter the telephone number -> Press PHONE or /SPEAKER to call.Answering a call: Press PHONE or /SPEAKER, or press any dialing keys (0-9, TONE or #).Ending a call: Press  OFF or return the handset to the telephone base or charger.Handset speakerphone: During a call, press /SPEAKER to switch between handsfree speakerphone and normal handset use.Redial: Press REDIAL repeatedly to select the desired entry -> PHONE or /SPEAKER to call.Volume control: Press / VOLUME to decrease or press / VOLUME to increase the listening volume during a call.Call waiting (Requires subscription from telephone service provider): Press FLASH to put current call on hold and to take the new call; press again to switch back and forth between calls.

The directory can store up to 50 entries, which are shared by all system devices.

Adding an entry

  1. MENU -> or -> Directory -> SELECT.
  2. or -> Add contact -> SELECT.
  3. Enter a telephone number up to 30 digits -> SELECT.
  4. Enter a name up to 15 characters -> SELECT.

Searching/dialing an entry

  1. DIR in idle mode.
  2. Press or to browse through the directory, or press the dialing keys (0-9) to start a name search.
  3. Press PHONE or /SPEAKER on a handset to call.

Caller ID

This product supports caller ID services offered by most telephone service providers. The telephone stores caller ID information of the last 50 incoming calls in the telephone base. This information is common to all devices.

Caller ID announce

When this feature is on and you have an incoming call, the handset and/or base speaks “Call from…” and the name of the caller based on the directory or caller ID information. You can turn this feature off for the base or each individual handset, or both.

  1. MENU -> or -> Answering sys -> SELECT.
  2. or -> Caller ID annc -> SELECT.
  3. or to choose Set all On/Off, Local handset or Base -> SELECT.
  4. or to choose On or Off -> SELECT.
Review and dial a number in the call log
  1. CID in idle mode -> or to scroll through the list.
  2. PHONE or /SPEAKER to call when the desired entry is displayed.
Erase missed calls indicator in the call log

When the screen shows XX Missed calls, scroll the call log one by one, or press and hold CANCEL in idle mode.

 Smart call blocker

If you have subscribed to caller ID service, then you can use the Smart call blocker feature to filter incoming calls from unknown callers.

Turn Smart call blocker on or off 

Smart call blocker is set to on, and to allow all incoming calls by default. To turn on or off Smart call blocker:

  • CALL BLOCK in idle mode -> SELECT -> or -> On or Off -> SELECT.
Call controls

Call categories: Call control / Set profile options

Welcome calls

  • Numbers saved in allow list.
  • Numbers saved in directory.
  • Numbers not found in block list.
  • Caller ID names saved in star name list.:

The telephone allows these calls to get through and ring.

Unwelcome calls

  • Numbers saved in block list.:

The telephone blocks these calls from ringing through.

Unknown callsCalls without numbers* Numbers that are “out of area“ or set to “Private“.Uncategorized calls

  • With absent caller ID number.
  • Numbers not found in directory.
  • Numbers not found in allow list.
  • Numbers not found in block list.
  • With caller ID names not found in star name list

You can choose one of the following five profile options for handling all unknown calls:Screen unknownThe telephone plays the screening announcement, and then ask the caller to say his/her name before the call rings on your telephone. You can then answer the call, and hear the caller’s name announced. You can decide whether to accept or reject the call, or to forward the call to the answering system.Screen robotThe telephone plays the screening announcement, and then ask the caller to press the pound key (#) before the call rings on your telephone. You can then answer the call.Allow unknown (default setting)The telephone allows the calls to get through and ring.Unknown to answering systemThe telephone forwards the calls to the answering system without ringing.Block unknownThe telephone rejects the calls with block announcement.


  • Smart call blocker is on, once you install your telephone. It allows all incoming calls to get through and ring by default. You can change the Smart call blocker settings to screen incoming calls from numbers or names that are not yet saved in your directory, allow list, block list, or star name list. You can easily add incoming phone numbers to your allow list and block list. This allows you to build up your lists of allowed and blocked numbers, and Smart call blocker will know how to deal with these calls when they come in again.
  • If you turn off Smart call blocker, all incoming calls will ring, including numbers saved in your block list.
  • When QUIET mode is on, and Smart call blocker is on and in screening mode, all screened calls will be sent to the answering system after screening.
Set up allow list, block list and star name list

Add numbers from caller ID log

Adding CID log entry to block list

  1. Press CID on the handset or on telephone base -> or .
  2. Press SELECT when the desired entry appears.
  3. or -> Block list -> SELECT twice.
  4. Press SELECT again to save.

Adding CID log entry to allow list

  1. Press CID on the handset or on telephone base -> or .
  2. Press SELECT when the desired entry appears.
  3. or -> Allow list -> SELECT.
  4. Press SELECT twice to save.

Adding CID log entry to star name list

  1. Press CID on the handset or on telephone base -> or .
  2. Press SELECT when the desired entry appears.
  3. or -> Star name list -> SELECT twice.
Add numbers manually

Adding a new number to the block list

  1. Press CALL BLOCK.