audio-technica Multidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphone User Manual

audio-technica Multidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphone


Thank you for purchasing this Audio-Technica product. Before using the product, please read through the Quick Start Guide, as well as this user manual when necessary, to ensure that you use the product correctly.


  • Designed for surface-mount applications, such as high-quality sound reinforcement, and to provide total coverage of round or long tables with fewer microphones.
  • A small-diameter microphone capsule near the boundary eliminates phase distortion and delivers clear high-output performance.
  • Durable brass-carved frame and non-slip high-performance urethane foam bottom pads minimize the coupling of surface vibration to the microphone.
  • Low-profile design with low-reflectance finish for minimum visibility.
  • U843R is ideal for a variety of video and audio conferencing applications,especially when used with an Audio-Technica automatic SmartMixerTM.

Connection procedure

Output from the microphone is low impedance (Lo-Z) balanced. The signal appears across the pairs of colored wires (red and yellow wires for Ch1, white and blue wires for Ch2, and green and brown wires for Ch3); the audio ground is the shield connection. Output is phased so that positive acoustic pressure produces positive voltage on the yellow, green and white wires.


  • 1 Pascal = 10 dynes/cm2 = 10 microbars = 94 dB SPL For product improvement, the product is subject to modification without notice.

Polar pattern

Frequency response


Included accessory

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