AUKEY Wireless Magnetic Earbuds User Manual

AUKEY EP-B44 Wireless Magnetic Earbuds User Manual

Thank you for purchasing the AUKEY EP-B44 Magnetic Wireless Earbuds with aptX. Please read this user manual carefully and keep it for future reference. If you need any assistance, please contact our support team with your product model number and Amazon order number.

Package Contents

Magnetic Wireless Earbuds with aptXMicro-USB CableThree Sets of Ear-Tips (S / M / L)Carrying PouchUser ManualWarranty Card


Product Diagram


Getting Started


Fully charge your earbuds before first use. Before charging, make sure the earbuds are turned off. To charge, simply connect one end of the micro-USB cable to a USB charging port and the other end to the input port on the earbuds. When the red LED indicator light turns blue, your earbuds are fully charged and ready for use. Charging takes around 2 hours.

Turning On/Off


Starting with your earbuds powered off:

  1. Press and hold the multi-function button until the LED flashes bl ue and red alternately
  2. Turn on the pairing function of the device you want to pair with the earbuds
  3. In the list of available devices, find and select “AUKEY EP-B44”
  4. If a code or pin is required for pairing, please enter “0000”

Simultaneous Pairing with Two Devices

  1. Follow the instructions in the “Pairing” section to pair the earbuds with Device A
  2. Once paired, disable wireless function on Device A and turn off the earbuds
  3. Follow the instructions in the “Pairing” section to pair with Device B
  4. Once paired with Device B, reactivate wireless function on Device A and select “AUKEY EP-B44” in the list of paired devices
  5. You can now make and receive calls from either of the two paired devices


  • To reset the earbuds, power on the earbuds and then hold volume – and multi-function button simultaneously until the LED indicator lights up red & blue for a second. Once the pairing list is cleared, you will hear a tone; and when you turn on the earbuds next time, the earbuds will automatically enter into pairing mode
  • The earbuds will automatically shut down after 5 minutes in pairing mode if no devices are paired
  • If your paired device is turned off or manually disconnected, the earbuds will flash blue twice every 5 seconds and shut down after 5minutes
  • The maximum wireless operating range is 33ft (10m). If you exceed this range, the earbuds will disconnect from your paired devices and you will hear a tone. The connection will be re-established once you re-enter the wireless range within 5 minutes. The earbuds will automatically reconnect to the last-paired device. To connect with other devices, please repeat the previous “Pairing”steps

Music and Calls Control

Making Calls

Once paired with your smartphone, making and answering phone calls can be managed via the in-line remote.

Streaming Audio

Once paired, you can wirelessly stream audio from your device to your earbuds. Music will automatically pause when you receive an incoming phone call, and resume once the call has ended.


The earbuds are on, but not connecting with my device

To connect the earbuds with your device, you need to enter pairing mode. Follow the instructions in the “Pairing” section of this manual.

I have established a connection with my smartphone but can’t hear any sound

Double-check the volume level on your smartphone and the earbuds. Some smartphones require you to set up the earbuds as an audio output device before the audio can be transmitted. If you are using a music player or other device, please make sure it supports the A2DP stereo music profile.

The sound is not very clear or the caller cannot hear my voice clearly

Adjust the volume on your smartphone and the earbuds. Try getting closer to your smartphone to rule out the possibility of interference or wireless range-related issues.

Can I use the earbuds while they are charging?


What is the wireless range of the earbuds?

The maximum range is 33ft (10m). However, the actual range will depend on environmental factors. For optimal performance, keep your devices connected with the earbuds within a 15ft-25ft range and make sure that there are no major obstacles (like reinforced steel walls) between the earbuds and your devices.

My earbuds won’t turn on

Try charging the earbuds for a while. If the earbuds still won’t power on, please contact our support team at the address below.

Product Care& Use

  • Please keep away from liquids and extreme heat
  • Do not use headphones at high volume for extended periods, as this may cause permanent hearing damage or loss

Warranty & Customer Support

For questions, support, or warranty claims, contact us at the address below that corresponds with your region. Please include your Amazon order number and product model number.

Amazon US orders: Amazon EU orders: Amazon CA orders: Amazon JP orders:

*Please note, AUKEY can only provide after sales service for products purchased directly from AUKEY. If you have purchased from a different seller, pleasecontact them directly for service or warranty issues.


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