BALTRA Mixer Grinder User Manual

BALTRA Mixer Grinder User Manual

Dear CustomerIt has been immense pleasure to serve you with our product and we thank you for choosing BALTRA for your use Kindly go through the Instruction Manual carefully and before using the product to enjoy a hassle free operation for the sameBaltra Home Appliances


  1. Liquidizer Lid/ Dome
  2. Liquidizing Jar
  3. Chutney Jar Lid
  4. Chutney Jar
  5. Dry Grinding Jar
  6. Dry Grinding Jar Lid
  7. Speed Knob
  8. Main Unit
  9. Jar handle
  10. Body Base
  11. Jar Socket

The Product features and accessories may vary on the basis of product Purchased by the Customer.The Company have full Rights to Change any Specification without any Prior notice.


  • Mixer Grinder – 3 Jars: • One Liquidizer • One Dry Grinding Jar • One Chutney
  • Mixer Grinder – 2 Jars: • One Liquidizer • One Chutney


Place your BALTRA Mixer grinder on a flat surface at a convenient height so that you can operate it easily. To prevent rotation of jars there are two locking slots on top of the motor unit. Please ensure that your jars are locked in the wedges properly before operating.


Place the liquidizer jar on the motor unit and then turn clockwise to lock in the top body socket for blending and liquidizing for fruit juices, soups, cocktails, milk shakes with fresh fruits.


Lock the liquidizer jar as above to the motor unit. Use the pulse switch for whipping lassi, frothy milk shakes, frothy hot & cold coffee, fluffy omelette, stiff egg whites, fresh cream & also butter churning & mayonnaise.



Rated Voltage

230 V – AC Only – 50 Hz (Single Phase)



Domestic Electric Food Mixer (Liquidizer & Grinder)

Domestic Electric Food Mixer (Liquidizer Grinder & Juicer)



450 W

550 W

750 W

500 W



15 minutes(3 Minutes ON / 2 Minutes OFF)



Class – II

Class – I/Class – II

Class – I/Class – II

Class – II



Class “H”

Class “H”

Class “H”

Class “H”





0.75 litre

1.0 litre

0.75 litre

Note : This mixer is not suitable for Egg Whisking Test


Make sure that the dry grinding jar is absolutely clean and dry before use. Place & fix the jar to the motor as above.Dry grind roasted coffee, red chilli, pepper, raw rice, bajra (millet), dhania (coriander), wheat for porridge, chana dal (gram) etc.


Place and fix the chutney jar to the motor unit as above.Chutney of coconut, coriander leaves, mint, green chilies, ginger, garlic & spinach paste etc. can be made. The chutney jar can also be used for dry grinding for small quantities.


Your BAL TRA mixer grinder is protected against sudden overloads.If Such a situation occurs the mixer grinder will automatically trip off and hence protect the motor. The machine can be restarted after waiting for 2-3 minutes. The red button of the overload protector switch located at the bottom of the mixer grinder has to be pressed for reoperation.


Fill about half the jars with lukewarm water, a little mild detergent & cover the Lid.Place the jars along with the blades on the motor unit & run at the lowest speed for about 30 seconds.This clears out the particles from under the blade.All the jars can be cleaned by the same method. The blades, jar lids & the inner portion of the jars can be cleaned in running water.


  • Keep Your Baltra Mixer Grinder Away from Direct Sunlight.
  • After 3 min. continuous use, allow 2 min. rest before next use.
  • Never immerse the motor unit in water, Clean the body with a soft damp cloth.
  • Always dry with the soft clean clothes. Never use abrasive powders.
  • Never use boiling liquids.

Never run the mixer grinder without any load.The Lid of the Jars Should be Properly Locked, Otherwise the Mixer grinder will not work.


Check the mains lead from time to time whether its damaged or not. If it is damaged, The mixer grinder must not be used (check before using it) until the mains lead has been replaced. Only BALTRA/( authorised technicians may carry out repair and adjustment Take your mixer grinder to your nearest dealerof BALTRA/( ortonearest Authorised Service Center.Read carefully the instructions before use. Any use, which does not conform to these instructions, will absolve BALTRA from all liabilty.Never leave the BALTRA/( mixer grinder (whether or not it is in use) within reach of children without supervision. The use of this mixer grinder by handicapped and aged persons must only occur under supervision.Check that the voltage rating of your mixer grinder corresponds to that of your electrical system.Any connection error will invalidate the warranty.Never use your mixer grinder if it is not working correctly or if it has been damaged. For your own safety, use only BALTRA/( accessories and spare parts, which are suitable for your mixer grinder.


Only qualified person may carry out repairs and adjustments of a technical nature. In the event of malfunction, contact your retailer or your nearest 8/\LTR~ Authorised Service Center.


Unauthorised Repairs & Adjustments will Lead to the Loss of the warranty claim.

This BALTRA product (Mixer Grinder) is warranted for 2 Years from the date of sale against any manufacturing defect, provided the defective product or the Component is Delivered/ Returned to us or to our Nearest Dealer I Distributors / Wholesaler, freight paid. Our liability shall, however, be to the maximum of the cost of rectifying the defects or the price paid for the products (whichever is less) and we shall not be held liable for any other indirect or consequential damage.

  • This warranty is not valid if: The fault or damage is caused due to customer’s ignorance, mishandling, negligence, incorrect connection, misapplication, voltage fluctuation, accidental general wear and tear.
  • The Product is not purchased from an Authorised 8/\LTRK Dealer/ Retailer.
  • The Product is opened or handled by any unauthorized person.
  • The Product or the component is not properly packed, while returning to avoid damage in transit.

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