Bean Bag Buketz B3 Game Rules and Setup B3


B3 Game Rules and Setup B3Bean Bag Buketz

Bag Busketz set up

  • Step-1: Remove parts from the box and layout pieces tri-pod, middle pole, top pole and bucketz.
  • Step -2: Ensure bracketz are on poles properly having hooks for each poles respectively; pointing down for bottom brackets and hooks point up for top brackets.
  • Step-3: Loosen black tightener on tripod and insert middle pole into tripod and lower to black line and snug tighten, do not over tight over tightening could cause damage to the tightener.
  • Step-4: Repeat set 3 – for top pole into middle pole.
  • Step-5: Place bucketz brackets for each section in position of the pre-drilled holes on their poles. Tighten the screw slightly started with bucket #1 position bottom of bucket on lower hook and lift of top rim of bucket on the hooks that were facing up then tighten both screws snuggly on the bucket brack-ets. Repeat for bucket # 2 and bucket # 3. Once set is completed bucketz will be secured to game tower.
  •  Step-6: Position #4 bucket on the top – note the black nipple on top of game and the cut out hole at the bottom of the #4 bucket align the hole to the black nipple lightly press together until bucket is attached then turn bucket A 1/4 of turn to secure top bucket.

How to play bucketz standard game to 21

Once bucketz is set up position game in desired playing area great news I bucketz can be play anywhere…Indoors or outdoors.

Bucketz game set up

  • Determine number of players 2-4 players
  • Agree upon distance from bucketz game tower. Recommend 6 – 12 feet away from tower depending on skill level.
  • Divide bean bags equally amongst players.

Objective of game

Score points by tossing b3 bean bags into bucketz. First team/player to reach 21 points wins game.

Scoring rules

1. Bucketz ScoringAny bag that is tossed into bucket. Player will receive points on side of the bucket. 1, 2, 3 or 4 pts for each bag landing in buckets.

2. Cancellation ScoringThe approved method for scoring cancellation is total points for each player/team. If team blue totals 5 points and team yellow totals 3 – team blue would receive 2 points for that round.

3. Rim ShotsThis refers to if a bag lands on side of bucket and remains in that position at the end of the round. The bag on the rim is worth 1 point.

General Rules

  1. From determined distance player(s) alternate tossing/pitching one bean bag at a time until all bags have been tossed at bucket game tower.
  2. Players are encouraged to move 360 degrees around game – keeping distance constant.
  3. Repeat and enjoy each round until the score of 21 pts. Team/players with highest scoring round will toss their bags first.
  4. Storage of game: disassemble bucketz game by loosening screws for bucket brackets. Remove bucketz starting with number #1, #2, #3, and then #4. Nest bucketz together placing #4 inside #3, and then place those inside#2 then inside #1. Loosen both black tighteners this will allow poles to slide down into each other. Loosen screw for tripod and  Slide up the legs.

Place condensed game tower in carry bag, place nested bucketz and bean bags inside carry bag and easily store for next game.

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