Benewake LED Rangefinder Instructions

TF03-100 LiDAR(Long-Distance Sensor)Product specification V1.0

TF03-100 is an industrial high-speed LiDAR with a range of up to 100m. TF03-100 includes compensation algorithms for outdoor glare and other interference, so it works normally under strong light environment and rain, fog, and snow conditions. Different built-in operating modes let customers change parameters and configurations to meet their needs.

Technical specifications

Two versions of TF03-100 are available to customers who have different interface and power supply requirements:

  1.  Standard version supports TTL serial port and CAN interface with 5V power supply (If the 6-24V power supply is needed, please contact sales)
  2. RS485/RS232 version supports RS485/RS232 interface with 6-24V power supply.
Parameters name Standard version RS485/RS232 version
Product performance Operating range % reflectivity % reflectivity% reflectivity&100Klux % reflectivity&100Klux
Accuracy① ±10cm (within 10m), 1% (10m and further)
Distance resolution 1cm
Frame rate② 1Hz~1000Hz adjustable (default 100Hz)
Repeatability 1σ:<3cm
Ambient light immunity 100Klux
Operation temperature -25~60℃
Enclosure rating IP67
Optical parameters Light source LD
Central wavelength 905nm
Photobiological safety CLASS1(EN60825)
FOV③ 0.5°
Electrical parameters Supply voltage 5V±0.5V 6V-24V
Average current Peak current ≤180mA ≤200mA @ 6V;≤100mA @ 12V;≤50mA @ 24V
Power consumption ≤0.9W ≤1.2W
Communication interface level LVTTL(3.3V) RS485/RS232
Communication interface UART/CAN/IO RS485/RS232


Parameters name Standard version RS485/RS232 version





Dimension 44mm*43mm*32mm(L*W*H)
Enclosure material Aluminum alloy
Storage temperature -40~85℃
Weight 77g±3g 80g±3g
Cable length 70cm

Notes:① Accuracy and repeatability are measured in whiteboard (90% reflectivity) and will be somewhat different in the case of different reflectivity or light sensitivity conditions.② The highest frame rate can be customized for 10KHz.③ FOV of the light spot, horizontal is different with vertical, the detection angle in the parameters table means the maximum one, which means the horizontal one.Note: Lidar’s horizontal axis and light spot’s axis are the same when the logo faces up.

Product dimensions

TF03-100 dimensions (Left 1: top view; Left 2: upward view; Left 3: front view)

Communication interface

TF03-100 standard version supports TTL serial port as default, and CAN communication mode is also available to use if needed. The command is provided for modifying to CAN mode, but only one of the two modes are working, two of them cannot output at the same time.TF03-100 RS485/RS232 version supports RS485 and RS232 communication modes at the same time. By default, both interfaces can communicate, and different interface lines can be used.

TF03-100 serial port communication protocol

Communication Protocol UART/RS485/RS232
Baud rate 115200
Data bit 8
Stop bit 1
Checksum bit N/A
Communication Protocol CAN
Baud rate 1000K
Receiving ID 0x3003
Sending ID 0x3
Frame format Default sending frame is a standard frame, receiving frame support standard frame and extended frame

Configurable parameters

Configurable item Description Factory configuration
 Custom frame rate Detection frame rate could be configured by related command, range 1~1000Hz  100Hz
Over range output This value will be pushed output when measuring value more than this value 100m
Output format Serial port/Pixhawk/IO/CAN Serial port
 Custom baud rate a) Serial port baud rate could be customizedb) CAN port baud rate could be customized, CAN ID could be changed  /
 Factory reset TF03-100 can be restored to the factory settings via tf03_setup GUI software. /
Configuration saved when power cut Parameters could be saved when power cut by related command /

Product Certification

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