BLAUPUNKT TIF 30 DA – 12V Tyre Inflator User Manual

TYRE INFLATORTIF 30 DA – 12VSuitable for Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle and other Sports equipment

Product Description


  • Inflator with Digital Gauge & AutoStop
  • Input: DC 12V
  • Rated Power: 110W
  • Rated Current: 10A
  • Max Pressure: 150 PSI / 10.3 BAR
  • Cylinder diameter: 30mm
  • Max. Duty Cycle: 10 min
  • Recommended for SUV’s
  • Function: Tyre inflator with PRESET & AUTOSTOP
  • Additional Function: LED work light
  • Power Cord length: 3 meter with cigarette lighter plug.
  • Air hose: 50cm rubber hose with quick release valve connector
  • Accessories: 2 nozzle adaptors & 1 sports equipment needle nozzle


  1. Start the vehicle and insert the cigarette lighter adaptor into the 12V cigarette lighter outlet provided in the vehicle.
  2. The device comes with a 3M long Power Cord which makes it convenient to connect the front & back tires.
  3. Attach the Quick Release Nozzle to the valve stem of the tire.
  4. Place the device on a preferably flat surface and set the preferred tire pressure on the digital dial (Fig 2).
  5. Turn on the inflator device. Make sure there are no leaks at the point where the quick release nozzle meets the valve stem of the tire.
  6. Once the desired tire pressure is reached, the unit turns off automatically.
  7. This tyre pressure inflator comes equipped with a LED light that makes it convenient to use at night.
  8. This device is designed to work non-stop for around 10-12 minutes (typical time required to inflate 16″-19” tires). It is suggested to not use the device beyond these 10-12  minutes at a stretch. A 2-3 minute interval may be required to improve the efficiency of this device in the long run.

Product Parameters:

Input Voltage DC 12V Power 110W
Power CordLength 3 Meters Cylinder Diameter 30MM
MAX DutyCycle < 10 min MAX Air Pressure 150PSI

Helpful Tips:

  1. Do NOT keep the device near a heat source
  2. Do NOT use this device near flammable liquids or gas source
  3. Should the device need attention, please visit an Authorized Service Centre. Any attempt to service the device by an unauthorized person will  VOID warranty
  4. This device is designed to be used with a 12V supply source only. Do NOT attempt to use it with a 24V supply source
  5. This device is designed to be used to inflate tires for all types of Cars including suvs.
  6. It is normal for the device to get hot after continuous use.
  7. It is recommended to use this device to inflate tyres for no longer than it’s suggested cycle time at a go.Accessories: Following accessories are included in the package: 1 qty spare fuse and 3 qty multi-function air inflator nozzles.

Steps for changing fuse:

Unscrew the top ofthe cigarette lighteradaptor Remove blown fuse &insert spare fuseprovided Screw the top end ofthe cigarette lighteradaptor to make atight seal

Troubleshooting Guide

This section covers common problems the user may encounter while using this device.

Nature of problem Cause and recommended solution
Device not working Fuse is blown – replace the fuse and check device
The device is operating erratically The quick-release valve connector is not connected to the valve stem securely – causing a leak and hence showing erratic readings. Release the connector from the valve stem and reconnect securely
The preferred tire pressure was not preset correctly and causes the display to blink continuously. Turn off the device, set the preferred tire pressure, and Turn ON the device.

WARRANTY CARD – Tyre InflatorPlease demand the below portion is filled by the dealer and given to you.TIF 30 DA – 12VModel: ……………………………………………1102048030-001Part Number: …………………………………..Date of Purchase: ……………………………Dealer’s Stamp:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for buying BlaupunktTo get yourself familiarized with the features and operation of the unit, we suggest you read the operating instruction manual provided along with the unit ThisWarranty Card is an assurance that you have purchased the best. Please preserve this card to avail of Warranty Service during the unlikely event of any problem.


Your Blaupunkt Tyre Inflator is fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects or material defects for the period of 12 (Twelve) months from the date of sale, satisfying the terms & conditions given below. Equipment in need of Service should be referred to an authorized Blaupunkt dealer or. ServkeCenter.


  • Warranty will be entertained only when this card and the original invoice or sale receipt (as proof of date of purchase, model, serial, and the dealer’s name) is presented together with the product requiring attention.
  • Warranty does not cover damage to Blaupunkt item caused by accident misuse, unauthorized repairs, additions, and modifications carried out by unauthorized dealers or if tampered in any other manner.
  • Warranty will not apply if the type or serial number on the product has been altered, deleted, removed, or made
  • Warranty does not cover periodic maintenance or replacement of parts due to normal wear&
  • This warranty does not cover problems due to Improper Installation and setup adjustment
  • We reserve the right to refuse warranty service if the above terms and conditions are violated.
  • The extent of this warranty limited only up to the value of the Blaupunkt equipment under
  • In case of any legal or other disputes, the same will be under the Courts in Mumbai jurisdiction.
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