BluGuitar 74076 Remote Foot Controller for Amp 1 User Guide

User Guide


A lot of new features, intuitive operating, compact and expandable.REMOTE1 “‘ is the optimal pedal controller (foot-operated controller) for the BluGuitar® AMP1m. You can comfortably navigate through all the important AMP1™ functions by foot as well as access all the additional features. From choosing preset sounds to programming custom sounds, with the REMOTE1rm can do it all!Midi-compatible devices can be connected to the MIDI Out connector and the REMOTE1 ‘id presets can then be used to select the device’s programs. And as if that wasn’t enough! If that wasn’t enough, with the optional BluGuitar® LOOPERKIT ‘you can integrate external effect pedals into your setup.

In short, with the help of the REMOTE1m, you can turn your AMP1 ‘M into a professional, programmable guitar system. BluGuitar® offers all the components – you decide how far you want to go!

Important Safety Notice! Read before connecting!REMOTE1 “can only be connected to the AMP1 “‘is REMOTE input. Use a standard 6.3mm (1/4inch) male to male, mono guitar or speaker cable. This product was manufactured according to IEC 60065 and left the factory safety tested and ready for operation.Further safety notices can be found in the AMP1 ‘user’s guide.


If the remote is not functioning correctly:

  • make sure AMP1 “I am not in PRESET MODE (see AMP1rm manual page 95)
  • check the connection cable and replace if necessary
  • disconnect the unit from the AMP1 TM, then reconnect
  • factory reset: while pressing buttons 1, 6, and 7 simultaneously, power up the AMP17m. The REMOTElm will be reset to the factory default.

Note: this will delete all custom settings


2nd Master, PowerSoak, and programmable MIDI Out, that also turns your AMP1 TM into a 4 channel amp with additional functions like programmable. Whether you use the REMOTE1TM as an old-school footboard for standard function switching, or to choose between complex presets is totally up to you.

Connect the remote to the REMOTE-input on the AMP1 using a standard Mono instrument cable. This cable transfers the control signal and supplies power to the  REMOTElrm. An additional power supply is unnecessary. When REMOTE1TMis connected to AMP1™ different modes are available using the Mode/Store switch.

Direct-Access-ModeDirect-Access offers access to Clean, Vintage, Classic, Modern Boost, Reverb, FX-Loop, 2nd Master Volume, and PowerSoak. DirectAccess is active when the  Mode/Store switch is not lit.PresetMode When the switch is pressed, it will light up and the PresetMode is activated. Here you can save 36 presets in 4 banks of 9 presets each. Pressing the Mode/Store switch again puts you back in the Direct- Access-Mode.


Effect pedals have never been as popular as they are today. Trying to get excellent sounds and intuitive operating can often only be achieved using a combination of different,  high-quality effect pedals, and as soon as multiple effects come into play, things start getting complicated and switching sounds turns into a tapdance.To solve this problem, the so-called Pedal-Switchers were developed. They consist of a control center that coordinates and controls multiple effect loops.

The effect pedals can be added to the different Pedal-Switchers loops singly or combined according to personal preference, your pedals are always turned on. In the switching board itself, loops can be activated or deactivated. If a loop is activated, the signal is sent through the loop and the connected effect pedal(s). When not activated, the signal goes directly through the Pedal-Switchers, bypassing the effect pedals not in use (True-Bypass) to maintain signal strength. This minimizes secondary noise and loss of signal.The BluGuitar®  LOOPERKIT™ expands the REMOTE1™ to a pedal switcher with four True-Bypass-Loops. The combination of active pedals, and the AMP1™ ‘s sound  settings can be saved as presets and accessed by the single press of a switch on the REMOTE1™


REMOTE1™ offers you a second master volume, that can be activated per footpedal in Direct-Access-Mode, and can be adjusted (reduced) in a 10dB range. Now you can  use all your sounds at two different volumes.

  1. Master Volume on Rhythm volume
  2. Master Volume off Solo volume

When you press the MasterVolume button on the REMOTE1™, the dial knob next to it is activated. Use this Level-Control to set the Master Volume.By pressing the REMOTE1™  MasterVolume again you switch back to full volume.

Any volume for your presetsThe REMOTE1™ can store all of your settings, including every Master- Volume preference to one of the 36 presets. This allows you to store any volume required for your sound, in the Preset-Mode. The Level-Control sets the 2nd MasterVolume Level when the MasterVolume switch 8 is lit.

When other functions-patch, such as the PowerSoak 9 or Gain are activated, use the Level-Control to regulate the currently active functions-patch.Turning off, or switching to another functions-patch automatically stores your setting.

The Level Control:controls the 2nd Master, PowerSoak, and Gain/Clean Volume patches.


For many, there is nothing better than the sound of a totally cranked tube amp with a saturated output. The volume necessary to achieve this is usually unbearable. Resourceful technicians have developed something to reduce the output: the PowerSoak.

When PowerSoak 9 is activated, the Level-Control knob controls two sections:

Home (0.15 — 2 watts) and Stage (7 —100 watts), see graphic.

The PowerSoak’s range of effect depends upon the strength of the signal it is getting, depending on the Master Volume on the AMPlrm. To get acquainted with the PowerSoak, it is recommended to play with a clean sound, with the Master Volume set at 5. Attention, 5 is already very loud, and then slowly reduce the level of the PowerSoak using

the Level-Control knob on the REMOTE1™. Just before reaching the center position, you are still getting 7 watts. This might be too loud for home use, but with a band, you will certainly need a little output. That’s why the 7 —100 watt section is called Stage.

You will notice when playing that only the loud peaks are being sup­pressed and turned into compression and light overdrive. If you turn up the Master Volume knob on the AMPl™, you get the fat smooth sound overdrive that only an overdriven power amp can give you.. If you turn the Level-Control knob on the REMOTE1™ past the center position, you will distinctly hear it jump into the Home section. You are now at 2 watts. More than loud enough for home use! You can turn the level knob even further until the sound is completely flat gone. The lower you go, the more overdrive you get. It’s really worthwhile to experiment with the Master Volume on the AMP1™” and the PowerSoak setting.

The PowerSoak works in 2 sections:home, from 150 milliwatts to 2 watts Stage, from 7 to 100 watts


REMOTE1™ has a MIDI OUT jack, that can be used to integrate and control external VIDI effect devices in your setup. To take advantage of this feature, use a VIDI cable to connect MIDI OUT on the REMOTE™ to your MIDI device’s MIDI IN.

Every preset in the REMOTE1 sends a fixed MIDI Program Change Command to the MIDI OUT jack (on MIDI channel 2) to switch between programs on your external MIDI device. The VIDI commands in the REMOTE1 are preassigned. Assigning the programs must therefore be done using MIDI Learn or Midi-Mapping in the Midi device itself.Here is the REMOTE1 chart, showing the MIDI-PRG-Change-Commands: (for example Bank 3, Preset 6: MIDI-PRG-Change-Command 24) Make sure your external  MIDI device is set to MIDI-receive channel 2.

Preset 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Bank 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Bank 2 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Bank 3 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Bank 4 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36


REMOTE1™  is the first amp foot controller that can act simultane­ously as a pedal switcher. To utilize this function, the BluGuitar® LOOPERKIT™ must be installed in the REMOTE™

This saves space on the pedalboard and allows for easier operation. The LOOPERKIT ™  has four True-Bypass-Relay-Loops that you can add your effect pedals to. When the LOOPERKIT™ is installed, you can determine which of the four loops is active while programming your sound presets, and store the information in the preset.

The LOOPERKIT consists of an installation kit that has to be installed in the REMOTE1™ and a Breakout-Box. The effect pedals that are to be integrated into the set-up are connected to the Breakout-Box with short patch cables. It has one input, one output, and 4 of each send and returns jacks for the 4 loops.

In Direct-Access-Mode you determine which pedal(s) are activated for each preset. Then you combine these specific effect pedal(s) with your amp settings and store it as preset. Switching presets will recall amp settings and turner-specific pedal(s) on or off, depending upon which effects you have integrated in the presets, without having to activate each effect singly per foot. Any pedals not being used are bypassed with the True-Bypass-Relay. That keeps the signal path short by assuring that it does not pass through every single pedal. Using high-quality patch cables results in an audibly better sound.

Programming the LoopsTo activate or deactivate loops, while in Direct-Access-Mode, press and hold the FX-LOOP-Switch for about 2 seconds until it blinks.

Switches 1 4 will now show you which loops are active: if one of the loops is active, the corresponding switch will be lit; if the switch is in bypass mode, the switch is unlit.

Activating a footswitch toggles between the loop is active (switch is lit) or in bypass (switch is unlit). To store the activated setting, hold the Mode/Store switch until all 9  switches are blinking. Pressing one of the blinking pedals stores the current setting to this location.

Tip: sometimes it can be useful to connect several pedals one after another in a loop if the effects are only to be used for a certain sound or channel with the AMP1™. For example, I use various modulation effects and a compressor for my clean sound only. I activate the modulation effect pedal when needed using the effect pedal bypass switch.

The following functions are available when the Direct-Access-Mode is active (the Mode/Store switch is lit): CLEAN, VINTAGE, CLASSIC, MODERN, BOOST, REVERB, FX-LOOP, adjustable 2nd Master Volume, and PowerSoak. These are additional functions for the AMP1 ‘that are not available without the REMOTE1™

Using switches 1 4, you can choose between the four patches, CLEAN, VINTAGE, CLASSIC, and MODERN. They can only be used one at a time because only one of the four channels can be active. Switch 5 (BOOST) activates the AMP1™ adjustable Boost. Switch 6 (REVERB) turns the adjustable Hall effect on or off, and Switch 7 activates and deactivates the FX-LOOP for the AMP1™. The two extra functions that are accessed with Switches 8 (2nd Master Volume) and 9 (PowerSoak), can be adjusted with the Level Control knob which is situated between the two switches.

Setting the 2nd Master

When Switch 8 is activated and lit, the Level Control knob next to it can be used to reduce the 2nd Master Volume as much as 10dB. The 2nd Master Volume level is automatically stored when Switch 8 is deactivated and can be recalled by activating Switch 8 again.

Setting the PowerSoakActivate the PowerSoak with Switch 9. The Switch is lit. Set the required reduction with the Level Control knob.

Setting the LooperkitPress and hold the FX-Loop switch until it blinks. Switches 1-4 operate the loops. Use Mode/Store to store.

Setting the Gain / Clean Volume

Press and hold the BOOST switch for approximately 2 seconds, until it blinks. Now use the Level Control on the REMOTE1™  set the Gain (as long as one of the overdrive channels, VINTAGE, CLASSIC, or MODERN is activated), or the Clean Volume (as long as the clean channel is activated). As with the 2nd Master Volume, the  Gain can only be reduced using the Level Control knob, with results depending upon how the Gain and/or Clean Volume controls are set on the AMP1™ It is therefore recommended to set the AMPl™ to maximum gain and use the Level Control on the REMOTE1™ achieve the required amount of Gain when storing a preset. Press and hold FX LOOP until the switch blinks: set Loops 1 – 4


Preset-Mode offers the ability to combine all of the REMOTE1™ control and switching functions available in Direct-Access-Mode into complete and individual sounds that can each be stored as one of 36 available presets. This lets you call up your own, signature sounds on stage at the push of a button. REMOTE™ offers you 4 banks with 9  presets each. Press the Mode/Store switch to access the Preset- Mode. When the switch is lit, Preset-Mode is active. 9 different sounds can be stored in each of the banks,  and directly accessed using switches 1 9.

Switching BanksPress and hold the Mode/Store switch (when lit) until it blinks. The switch for the currently active bank will be lit, and the other 3 will blink. Select another bank by pressing one of the blinking switches. The Mode/ Store switch will stop blinking and the new bank is active. 9 presets in the now active bank can be accessed using switches 1-9.

It was a deliberate decision to create a board with 9 presets and „only“ four banks. For one thing, it is still pretty easy to keep track of 9 presets per bank, and most guitar players are quite well served with 9 sounds in a live situation. And there are another 3 banks that can be loaded with 9 more presets each. This way you can set up a bank that fits each of your bands, your projects, in your living room, or just to experiment. If you require more than 36 presets, you still have the option of making the AMP1™ MIDI  compatible with the help of the BluGuitar® MIDI Adapter (optional). Controlled by an external MIDI pedal, the MIDI standard allows for 128 presets. 

Programming Sound PresetsTo program-specific sounds that you can later recall in Preset-Mode, you first need to switch to Direct-Access-Mode. Press Mode/Store switch until it is no longer lit. Now you can create the sound you want to program using the pedal functions and Level-Controller on the REMOTE™To store the sound to a specific preset location, press and hold the Mode/Store switch for 2 seconds until switches 1 throughare blinking. Pressing one of the nine blinking switches will permanently store your newly created sound to that location, and the switch will be lit. Having stored your sound, the REMOTE1™ automatically switches back to Preset-Mode, recognizable by the now lit  Mode/Store switch. To program a new preset, switch to the Direct-Access-Mode by pressing the Mode/Store switch again. Following the steps described above, you can now create a new sound and store it in another preset.when turned off, REMOTE1 ™ stores all current settings automatically. when power is restored, the last settings are again active.




Features REMOTE1™

  • Direct access to AMP1 TM functions CLEAN, VINTAGE, CLASSIC, MODERN, BOOST, REVERB, FX-LOOP, 2nd Master Volume, Power Soak, Gain*. *Preset-Mode only
  • Modes: Direct-Access-Mode, Preset-Mode
  • Power: Phantom power via Jack to Jack cable by BluGuitar® AMP1 TA.
  • Additional features: 2nd Master, Power Soak, MIDI OUT to control external MIDI-devices
  • 36 Presets: 4 banks of 9 Presets
  • Expandable with LOOPERKIT

Dimensions: 410 x 150 x 70 mm, weight: 1,54 kg

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  • 4 Mono True-Bypass-Relay Loops Connections: 1 x Input, 1 x Output, 4 x Send, 4 x Return (Mono)
  • Switching noise suppression
  • Power supplied by REMOTE1™
  • Minimal puristic design for puristic sound. Therefore without any active buffer
  • Works only with REMOTE1™
  • Loop 1-4 on/off settings are stored with every preset

BluGuitar Gmbh, Bismarckstraße 67, D-66121 Saarbrücken,© Copyright 2018 BluGuitar Gmbh. All rights reserved.


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