boAt Rockerz-610 On Ear Wireless Headphone User Manual

boAt Rockerz-610 On Ear Wireless Headphone


Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V4.1
Effective transmission range: 10m
Battery: 450mAh Li Polymer battery
Charging time: 3hours(maximum)
Playing time: 20hours
Stand by time: up to 45 days
LED indicator status: Blue LED for power and BT pairing indicator;Red LED for charging indicator
Diameter of driver unit: 40mm
Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity at 1KHz: 110+/ 5 dB
impedance: 32+/-15% Ω
Distortion: ≤1% at 1KHz
Rated power input l0mW
Net Weight: Approx. 160g


  • Micro USB charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual

Multifunction button On/OffPlayPauseCall/Answer/Hang Up
Volume Down/Track Back Decrease the volumeGo to previous song
Micro USB charging port  
microfiber pu leather headband  
Volume Up/Track Forward Increase the volumeGo to next song
LED indicator  

Important Safety Information


Press and hold the Multifunction button (1) to turn the headphones on, The LED- indicator will flash BLUE when headphones are on.


Press and hold the Multifunction button (1) to turn the headphones off. The LED indicator will stop flashing when off.


Use the Micro USB cable and connect headphones to your computer or adaptor device made for USB charging.A red LED indicator will turn on when the headphones are charging. The red LED light will turn off when headphones are fully charged.


  1. Make sure your phone, computer or music device is turned on and within 1 meter of each other.
  2. Hold down Multifunction On/Off button (1) for about 3 seconds until LED light starts to flash BLUE quickly.
  3. Activate the Bluetooth feature on your phone or device and set it to search for Bluetooth devices (Discoverable).
  4. Select ‘ boAt Rockerz 610 ‘ from the list of found devices.
  5. If necessary, enter passcode ‘0000’ to pair and connect the headphones to your device.
  6. Once successfully paired, the LED light will flash BLUE once every few seconds


  1. Press Multifunction button Play/Pause (1) to start and pause audio.
  2. Press (button 5) to skip forward to next track. Press and hold down button to increase volume.
  3. Press (button 2) to go back to previous track. Press and hold down button to decrease volume.

Note: The controls will not function when charging.


  1. To answer an incoming call, press the Multifunction Play/Pause (button 1)
  2. To end call, press the same button again
  3. To decrease or increase the volume during the call, press and hold down button 2 or button 5

Use Responsibly

Do not use headphones when it’s unsafe to do so-while operating a vehicle, crossing streets, or during any activity or in an environment where your full attention to your surroundings is requiredIt’s dangerous to drive while wearing headphones, and illegal because it decreases your chances of hearing life-saving sounds outside of your vehicle, such as another car’s horn and emergency vehicle sirens. Please avoid wearing your headphones while driving

How to fold the headphone

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