BOGEN PVSC Power Vector Security Cover Installation Guide

BOGEN PVSC Power Vector Security Cover Installation Guide


The Power Vector Security Cover (PVSC) provides protection against tampering.The system settings of a Power Vector amplifier are protected from accidental tampering while still leaving the power and meter switches accessible. It also provides for access to any desired input volume control knobs via break-off sections.


Note: If access to any of the input volume control knobs is desired, be certain to remove the break-off sections of the PVSC prior to its installation (see below).

  1. Line up the PVSC to the front panel of the Power Vector amplifier using the screw holes as a guide.
  2. Attach the PVSC to the amplifier using the three screws provided.


Using a thin, flathead screwdriver, insert the screwdriver head into the center of the break-off piece and twist. If necessary, use a knife or file to take off any sharp edges after removal.

CAUTION: The break-off piece can fly off while twisting and become a hazard. Take reasonable precautions to prevent any flying pieces from causing injury.



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