BOSS MRWT40 UTV Roll Bar Speaker System User Manual


What’s Included

After you have unpacked the speaker system, check all the contents of the package so it contains all of the items below. If something is missing, please call our technical department

  • (2) MRWT40 Speakers
  • (2) Mounting Clamps (Pre-Installed on Speakers)
  • (4) MG x 15 mm Bolts (Pre-Installed)
  • (3) Rubber Clamp Adapters (1/r thickness)

Safety Considerations

While we have designed the mounting system to provide a safe and stable installation, it is important to remember these are objects that will be used in an environment that is extremely bumpy and turbulent. Please consider all possible scenarios where these will be placed and secured


  • Unpack and disassemble the clamps from the speakers. Make sure you account for all hardware when removing it from the clamps There are lock washers that must be re• installed on the clamps.
  • Determine the location of the speakers.
  • Determine the correct rubber damp adapters that are needed for your application.
  • The rubber adapters will need to be cut to length, so they fit the enclosure and clamp.
  • After the rubber damps have been cut, remove the white protective layer and suck them to the clamp and enclosure.
  • Place the speaker on the tower and have the top clamp ready to place on top.
  • Screw the two bulls evenly, until snug. Once the position is verified, tighten the bulls another half-turn DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN
  • The speakers accept up to 16 ga. wire, it is recommended you use a high-quality marine-grade speaker cable for your installation.


  1. When wiring the speaker system. use oily high-quality marine speaker wire.
  2. Also, take into account the length of wire when terminating at speakers There needs to be some extra wire left around the speaker so in the event of extreme conditions the wire doesn’t pill or disconnect anything vital to the vehicle.
  3. Keep the wire away from sharp objects, always use a rubber grommet when running wire through metal tubes.
  4. Plan the entire system and note the lamp fitter impedance stability prior to winning. S) It wiring more than a pair of wake towers, make sum the stereo image rc retained from front to rear with respect to left and right

Standard 2-Ch System

The speakers are 4 0, you can connect each speaker to the output of a head unit. For optimum performance, it is recommended they are connected to a separate amplifier with a high-pass filter set to 120 Hz.

Expanded 4-Ch System

For a 4ch system, it is important the Front and Rear are connected to their respective sides (left and right) to retain correct stereo imaging. If using an amplifier, for best performance, set the high-pass filter to 120 Hz.


2-Way Fully Marinized Waketower/Rollbar Speaker System

Congratulations on the purchase of the MRWT40 Speaker System. It has been designed, engineered, and manufactured for the highest level of for-mance and quality


Midrange:4* (102 mm)Polypropylene Cone Rubber Su-round

4 Ω Impedance

Tweeter:1** (25 mm) Dome

Clamps:1-1/2′ 2″ (38 – 51 mm)

Power Handling:400 Watts (Max)

Frequency Response:130 Hz- 20 kHz (±3 dB)

Sensitivity;94 dB @ 1W/lm

Dimensions:7**×7**×5** (178x 178x 127mm)

Weight :2.3 Ibs

all specifications subject to change without notice

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