BougeRV A3001-00701 Portable Car Refrigerator User Manual

For Portable Car RefrigeratorUser ManualBougeRV 53 Quart / 42 Quart / 31 Quart

Please read this operating manual carefully before starting the device. Kee it in a safe place for future reference.

Safety Instructions

WARNING! Failure to obey these warnings could result in a malfunction of your device and possible injury for yourself and other users.

  • Do not operate the device if it is visibly damaged.
  • Do not block the gaps of the device with things like pin, wire, etc.
  • Do not expose the device to rain or soak it in water.
  • Do not place the device near naked flames or other heat sources (heaters, direct sunlight, gas ovens, etc.)
  • Do not store explosive substances like spray cans with flammable propellants in the device.
  • Before starting the device, ensure that the power supply line and the plug are dry.
  • Check if the voltage specification on the type plate matches that of the energy supply.
  • Once unpacked and before turning on, the device must be placed on a level surface for more than 6 hours.
  • Make sure that the device stays horizontally when it is running. The tilt angle must be less than 5° for a long time running and be less than 45° for short time running.
  • The refrigerator must be well ventilated for heat dissipation and make sure to keep some space around it. (Back Space3200mm, Side Space3100mm)
  • The device may only be repaired by qualified personnel. Improper repairs can lead to safety hazards. If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, customer service or a similarly qualified person in order to prevent safety hazards.


  • The device can be used by children aged 8 or over, as well as by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or a lack of experience and/or knowledge, providing they are supervised or have been taught how to use the device safely and are aware of the resulting risks.
  • Children must be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the device.
  • The installation of DC power in the boat must be handled by qualified electricians.
  • Never pull the plug out of the socket by the cable.
  • Disconnect the device or switch it off when you turn of the engine. Otherwise, you may discharge the battery.


  • Food is suggested to be stored in its original packaging or in suitable containers.
  • Set the suitable temperature for food or medicine stored in the device. Refer to the recommended temperature for common food on Page4.

Product Features

Multiple Application Scenarios: you can use the fridge on various vehicles such as SUV, Truck, RV, Camper, Jeep, Van, Boat, etc. You can take it with you, during camping, tailgating, road trips, outdoor travels, off-road, even at home.Freezer or Refrigerator: with temp range -4 7-507, you can use it as a freezer or refrigerator.Energy Efficiency: with ECO energy saving mode, the operating mode is less than 45W. It consumes far less than lkwh/day for its intelligent cycle work.Fast Cooling with Compressor Refrigeration: running on Max mode in empty condi­tion, the freezer could achieve 16 min fast cooling from 77°F to 32°F and 50 min from 77 7 to -4″F.3-level battery protection mode: the battery monitor will shut off the fridge/freezer as soon as the supply voltage falls below the set level.45dB Low Noise: the fridge is designed low noise to make sure you a good sleep after long driving.

Product Structure

① Compressor cooling hole② Fuse③ Power interface④ Three-level switch for battery protection⑤ Digital touch screen & Control panel⑥ Elastic handle⑦ Seal rubber ring⑧ Refrigerator cabinetPackage included: 12/24V DC power cord, 110~240V AC power cord, User Manual, Removable Basket.

Preparing Before Use

  1. Unpackage and take out the accessories, et it stands 24 hours.
  2. Before using it for the first time, clean th inside and outside of the car refrigerator (basket as well) with a damp cloth and wait until it gets dry.
  3. Place your refrigerator at a proper position which depends on your use scenario (car, truck, RV, camper, Van, Jeep, SUV, boat, home, etc.)
  4. According to your use scenario, please choose the right power cord (AC cord or DC cord) for the right power supply. Please read the next part carefully for the details.

Function and Operation

Power Supply Connect to 12/24V DC power ( use in car, truck or power station)Conect to 110~240V AC power( use at home with ac adapter)
Display Screen


At the moment when the refrigerator is powered on, you will hear a beep, and the ” ” of the display will keep flashing.
Turn on/off Hold the ” ” 3~5 seconds to turn on the refrigerator.
Temperature Setting Press ∧ or ∨for temperature setting, the setting will be saved automatically after stopping operating for 4 seconds.Keep holding the button, the temperature will be adjusted fastly.(Note: the temperature displayed is the current temperature of the compartment. it will take a while to reach the set temperature.) Temperature setting range: -20~+10℃(-4~50℉)
Temperature Unit Switch Press ∧and ∨at the same time 3~5 seconds to switch Celsius (℃)Fahrenheit(℉). (Factory setting is ℉)
MAX/ECO Mode Switching In working status, press ” ” to switch MAX/ECO mode.ECO (Green light): Energy Saving Mode, 45 watts.MAX (white light): Fasting Cooling Mode, 60 watts.
Battery Protection Mode At the bottom of the refrigerator is the socket, where you can choose HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW levels. We suggest setting a high level of the fridge when connect with a car battery. To set medium and low levels when with other batteries. (Factory setting is H).

The car refrigerator has a power-off memory function, and the working state (power on/off state and working mode) before the power off is automatically restored after the next power on, and there is no need to set it again.The recommended temperature for common food:

Car Battery Protection Voltage Reference

The BougeRV fridge/freezer is equipped with a battery preservation monitor. It has three settings to monitor your battery to prevent a full discharge. The higher the setting the higher the cut-off voltage will be.When set to HIGH, the battery monitor will provide maximum protection for the battery running the fridge/freezer against excessive/full discharge.When set to LoW, the battery monitor will allow the fridge/freezer to use more of the battery energy.

Voltage Factory default voltage protection level sets to H Mode
High mode Medium Mode Low mode
12V DC Cut out 11.3V 10.1V 9.6V
Cut in 12.5V 11.4V 10.9V
24V DC Cut out 24.6V 22.3V 21.3V
Cut in 26.0V 23.7V 22.7V

NOTE:The cut-out is the input voltage in which the fridge/freezer will turn off at.Cut-in is the input voltage in which the fridge/freezer will turn on at.The battery monitor will shut off the fridge/freezer as soon as the supply voltage falls below the set level. The fridge/freezer will restart after 2 minutesonce the cut-in voltage is reached.

Cleaning and Storage


  • Unplug the device first to avoid electric shock.
  • Use a wet cloth to clean the device and dry it.
  • Do not soak the device in water and do not wash it directly.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning agents as these can damage the device.


If the device will not be in use for a long time, please follow the steps:

  • Turn off the power and remove the plug.
  • Remove all the items stored in the device.
  • Wipe off excess water from the fridge with a soft rag.
  • Put the device in a cool and dry place.
  • Leave the lid slightly open to prevent odors from forming.

Defrosting:Humidity can form frost in the interior of the cooling device or on the evaporator. This reduces the cooling capacity. Defrost the device in good time to avoid this.

  • Switch off the device.
  • Take out the contents of the device.
  • Keep the lid open.
  • Wipe off the defrosted water.

Never use hard or sharp tools to remove ice or to loosen objects which have frozen in place.

Troubleshooting and Error Problems

If an abnormal situation cannot be resolved through simple fault analysis, please contact professional customer service for assistance via [email protected].Note: in order to resolve the issue, you had better attach more details as follows in your email.

1. The order number.2. Where do you use it?3. What power sources do you use?4. What power cords do you use? 5. Set at ECO mode or MAX mode?6. What is the set temperature?7. How much food is inside? Is it empty?8. Do you notice any errors on the display?


Troubles Causes and solutions
The car refrigerator does not work
  • Check whether if the power is connected correctly or not
  • (If the plug is loose, positive and negative poles are reversed).
  • Check whether the power switch on the operation panel is turned on.
  • Check the cooling ventilation is normal.
  • Check whether if the fuse is blown or not.
Not cooling Sufficiently
  • check whether the door is closed
  • The door cover seal is damaged or deformed and the seal is not strict.
  • Poor ventilation in the car refrigerator cooling.
  • Improper temperature settings.
Abnormal noise
  • Some noises are normal
  • The place of the car refrigerator is not stable.
  • Hit the wall or other items.
  • Internal parts lose or fall off.
The refrigerator surface condensation
  • when the ambient air humidity is> 75%, the surface of the box will normally have slight condensation.
Temperature fluctuation/problems
  • It is normal for the temperature to float in a certain range, and it is normal in the range of ± 5 °C.
  • It is normal that the temperature measured by yourself is 3 °C higher than that of the display screen.
  • If the temperature does not drop all the time, please adjust to the lowest temperature and stay for a longer time.
  • Please touch the inner wall of the refrigerator with your hand. If you can feel the cold obviously, there is no problem with the refrigeration of the refriger­ator.

The definition of the error code on the display

Error Code Error Type Solutions
El Input voltage too low
  1. Condition one: insert the refrigerator power cord into car cigar lighter when it doesn’t start. Solution: to connect the refrigerator later after the car starts.
  2. Condition two: the input voltage of the adapter is too low. Solution: to adjust the battery protection level to middle or low level. If the fridge still no start properly, pls use a new adapter.
E2 Fan Problem Please replace a new fan when you confirm the fan malfunction.
E3 Compressor Start up frequently Input voltage fault
  1. Condition one:E3 appears when use fridge i n1 car, pls shutdown fridge 5 minutes and after t it can work normally. If it still not works after LLII restart, it is El fault, with reference to El Fault troubleshooting and solution.
  2. Condition two:E3 appears when use fridge at home, to adjust battery protection level to middle or low level. If it still no works properly, pls use new adapter.
E4 Compressor turbine speed too low. Compressor turbine speed too low. The input voltage needs to be adjusted and reconnect the power.
ES Controller chip overheating Controller chip overheating. It needs to shut down the power of fridge for 5 minutes. After hat, to check whether if it is an overheating caused by the blockage around the vent of the compressor.
Erl NTC opening or short circuit

Warranty and Maintenance

WarrantyBougeRV PORTABLE CAR REFRIGERATOR comes with a 2-year warranty that commences from the date of purchase on BougeRV Amazon Store or BougeRV Official Website, except following situations:

  • Contrived damage.
  • Damage caused by force majeure such as earthquake, conflagration, etc.
  • Damage from inappropriate use or violating this instruction.
  • Damage or malfunction caused by disassembling.

24-month limited warranty Lifetime technical support

Customer ServiceIf there is any problem with the operation or use of the product, please feel free to contact us via:[email protected] +(86)18924140684 +14084294149(U.S.) +(86)18924140684(China)VIP Service & Extra 1-year WarrantyOption 1

  1. Search “QR Code” on your FB
  2.  Scan the QR Code beside
  3. Join “BougeRV Car Refrigerator Club”
  4. You become a VIP and get a 3-year warranty

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Option 2

  1. Search “”
  2. Support–Warranty Registration
  3. Sign up and submit
  4. You become a VIP and get a 3-year warranty

Technical Information

Model 53 Quart 42 Quart 31 Quart
Rated Voltage DC: 12V/24V
AC: 110-240V
Rated Power Input ECO (Green light): Energy Saving Mode, 45 watts.
MAX (white light): Fasting Cooling Mode, 60 watts.
Capacity 50 L=1.77 cu. ft. 40 L=1.41 cu. ft. 30 L=1.06 cu. ft.
Sound Noise Level .≤45dB
Climate Class T/ST/N/SN
Temperature Range -20∼10°C(-4∼50°F)
Refrigerant R-134a

*Due to product improvement, the technical information might be different from actual information, please refer to the rating label on the product.

Disposal: Place the packaging material in the appropriate recycling waste bins wherever possible. If you wish to finally dispose of the product, ask your local recycling center or specialist dealer for details about how to do this in accordance with the applicable disposal regulations.


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