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If you are looking for the simplicity of a consumer machine and the performance of a professional coffeemaker, Sprso is what you’ll need.The Sponsor is small, powerful, and stylish.This eye-catching bean-to-cup machine serves as perfect single cups of ristretto, espresso, crema coffee, and americano. A milk cooler option offers you the additional facility to create delicious cappuccinos and lattes topped off with freshly frothed milk. The Sponsor is perfectly suited for board rooms, waiting rooms, and small offices. The coffee-maker is even right at home on the kitchen counter thanks to its compact size.

Sponsor meets expectations

  • Makes a perfect espresso from freshly ground beans
  • Offers many coffee specialties; and even more with the optional milk cooler
  • Brews two coffees simultaneously (ristretto, espresso, and crema coffee)
  • Looks stunning thanks to its unique design
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Coffee strength, intensity, grind size, and cup size can be adjusted according to your wi
  • Made from sturdy high-quality materials: stainless steel and BPA-free plastics
  • A transparent bean canister makes refilling easy
  • Incorporates the professional CIRCO brewer
  • Removable water tank for manual water fill
  • Extremely low energy consumption in standby < 0.5W thanks to the flash heater

Synonymous with simplicityThe simplicity is reflected in the intuitive operation. The Space is designed so that every action feels logical and natural.The whole experience is self-explanatory: select a coffee specialty from the range of options and choose the desired cup size. The brew strength, intensity, and grind size can also be adjusted to your individual preference.Don’t confuse simplicity with a lack of options: every user can optimize his or her cup of coffee to taste via the eye-catching screen.Bravilor Bonamat has programmed the beverages with great care (based on our decades of experience) so customers can simply enjoy delicious coffees. We created three main beverage profiles to choose from. The profiles vary in volume size and coffee strengths. In addition, employees can create three ‘design your own’ coffees meeting their individual preferences.

Ready right out of the box

The Sprso can be unpacked, plugged in, and ready for use in only 10 minutes. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

CIRCO brewer

In designing the Sprso fully automatic espresso maker, Bravilor Bonamat considered every last detail. Intended to be as compact as possible.The CIRCO brewer is one of those details. This brewer has been developed and engineered by Bravilor Bonamat in response to the increasing demand for bean-to-cup vending machines. The unique compact the round shape of the brewer allows us to keep the professional espresso machines small.Pressure is essential for intense flavors. The CIRCO brewer ensures the correct pressure to get the most out of your freshly ground beans. The unique pump control of the brewer guarantees a constant extraction time.

NSF certifiedThe CIRCO brewer is NSF certified, meaning that it meets public health and environmental safety standards. This certification recognizes how easy it is to remove, dismantle and clean the CIRCO brewer, thereby greatly simplifying maintenance. The automatic rinsing program of the machine ensures that the high in-cup quality is always maintained.

Proven technology

  • Creates a delicious crema layer
  • Constant the best coffee quality
  • Compact round shape; takes up little space
  • Made from high-quality materials ensuring its accuracy and reliability
  • NSF certified
  • Patented by Bravilor Bonamat
  • Easily removed, dismantled, cleaned, and replaced
  • Capacity for 6 to 18 grams of ground coffee Overall, uncomplicated for users enhancing professional technology.

Overall, uncomplicated for users enhancing professional technology.


In-house innovationThe Sprso contains the CIRCO brewer greatly simplifying maintenance.

Sprso milk cooler

To enjoy various specialty coffees made with fresh milk you need a milk cooler.The Sprso milk cooler that has been selected meets the high Bravilor Bonamat standards and has been thoroughly tested.The appliance is a compact tabletop device. It keeps milk cool at a temperature of +1 °C to +7 °C (depending on the ambient temperature).The automatic flush ensures that the in-cup quality remains high time after time.

Optional water filterBravilor Bonamat recommends the use of a water filter. This improves the quality of your coffee specialties (aroma and taste).In addition, it decreases limescale, herewith optimizing the overall operation and lifespan of the Sprso.The water tank of the Sprso has been optimized for the BRITA AquaAroma Crema water filter.

Technical specifications

Capacity: bean canister | water tank 300 grs | 2.2 liters
Rated power 230V~ 50Hz 1978W
Dimensions (wxdxh) 215x440x420 mm
Tap height 80-115 mm (manually adjustable beverage outlet)
Water supply no (manual fill), contact us for automatic fill options
Weight net (gross) 10.6 kg (12.9 kg)
Recommended usage: cups per day | environment max. 30 consumptions per day | 5-10 employees
Beverages (without milk cooler) ristretto, double ristretto, espresso, double espresso, crema coffee, double crema coffee, americano and hot water
Additional beverages with milk cooler caffè latte, cappuccino, cappuccino dark, latte macchiato, espresso macchiato and hot milk foam
Beverage profiles 1. small volumes | strong coffee2. medium volumes | regular strengths3.large volumes | regular strengths
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