BRESSER MikroCam with CamLabLite Software Instructions

MikroCam with CamLabLite SoftwareUser Manual 

Eyepiece camera for microscopes and telescopesBRESSER MikrOkular Full HD, Item Nr. 5913650, resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel BRESSER MikrOkular HD, Item Nr. 5913650, resolution 1280 x 720 pixel

Software installation:

You find the capturing software for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 on the CD. Doubleclick on the exe file and follow the instructions in the installation manager. It is not necessary to install a specific driver. The camera will be recognized automatically from suitable Windows operating systems.

Connect the camera to a microscope:

On many microscopes, you can use the MikrOkular Full HD instead of an eyepiece. Loosen the eyepiece locking screw (if any) and pull out the eyepiece. The MikrOkular will then fit the eyepiece tube directly. On some models (e.g. dissecting microscopes) an adapter to 30mm or 30,5mm is needed. Put the respective adapter in the eyepiece tube and secure it with the locking screw from the microscope. Then put the camera into the adapter.

Connect the camera to a telescope:

The camera comes with an adapter that fits 31,7mm (1,25“) eyepiece barrels. Put the camera into the adapter and secure the adapter with the locking screw. Put the camera with adapter into the focuser drawtube, and use the locking screw from the telescope to secure it.Note: Make sure the camera and adapter are mounted securely, so they cannot drop into the telescope’s optical tube assembly!

Capturing images and video:

Connect the camera to your PC. Start the software „CamLabLite“ and activate the MikrOkularFull HD from the software’s camera list( ).Use the focuser on our microscope/telescope to get a sharp image. Click „Snap “ (single image) or„record“ (video) to capture. Select where to save your files by clicking “options ( ). Choose the resolution of the live preview or from the captured image or video from the respective dropdown menu.

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