BROMPTON B75 Affordable Folding Bike User Guide

BROMPTON B75 Affordable Folding Bike User Guide

Unfolding Happiness.STOP: Before riding your bike, you must follow the Quick Start Guide to set up. This is a technical product, which must be set up correctly. If unsure, please consult a qualified mechanic.


  • Your bike has inspected and tuned by a Brompton mechanic prior to shipment
  • Follow these steps carefully to get it ready to ride
  • For detailed instructions, comfort and safety recommendations, and care directions please see your User Manual, or visit

Installation Instructions

  1. FITTING THE SADDLE TO THE SEATPOSTSlide the Pentaclip onto the seatpost, positioning it about halfway up the small top section of the seatpost (fig. 1) above the O-rings.
  2. ADJUSTING THE SADDLE POSITIONMove the saddle rails so that they are roughly halfway between maximum fore and aft position (fig. 1), adjust the saddle angle so it is pointing slightly downward; this will result in it being level when the bike is unfolded.Tighten the Pentaclip bolt firmly with the supplied 5mm hex key (fig.2). Ride the bike to test the saddle position, you can adjust it if needed.
  3. FITTING THE HINGE CLAMPSFit both hinge clamps into the handlebar support hinge and main frame hinge. Hinge Clamps should remain loose when the bike is folded.
  4. UNFOLDING THE PEDALStand on the side opposite the handlebar.Start by pulling the pedal (fig.4) away from the bike.
  5. HANDLEBARPush firmly down on the handlebar to release it from the frame , then swing it upward into place.Firmly tighten the hinge clamp.
  6. SADDLEOpen seat clamp lever, raise seat, close seat clamp lever .
  7. FRONT WHEELPlace your right hand on the saddle and grasp the handlebar support with your left hand, near the hinge.Lift the handlebar support with your left hand, to unhook the front wheel from the rest of the bike.Swing your left hand forward, pushing the front wheel forward until the hinge is closed.
  8. REAR WHEELTo complete the unfold, hold the handlebar with your left hand and with your right hand lift the bike by the saddle to swing the rear wheel backwards into position.Put the bike down and apply downward pressure to lock the rear frame (fig. 9) in place. There should be a click to indicate that the frame is locked.
  • Make sure the hinges are closed properly
  • Make sure the tyres are inflated (100psi)
  • Make sure the brakes function properly
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