CANYON CND-GWH200 USB Hub User Guide

Dear customer!

Congratulations on purchasing a high-quality CANYON product. We are happy to present you our gaming accessories, which are a combination of new technology and fresh design. Our own design bureau implements the latest trends in the technical design of gaming products, while our scrupulous quality control system ensures a long lifetime of CANYON products. To take full advantage of this product, we recommend that you read this manual completely.

  1. RGB LED light
  2. Mouse Bungee
  3. Touch Switch
  4. 2 x port USB hub

Technical specifications

  • 7-Colour LED backlight with control touch button,
  • Weighted base for stability;
  • 1,5 m PVC cable;
  • Anti-slip rubber feet;
  • Flexible silicon arm for cord control

Setup StepTo set up this product (headset USB hub), just take the power cable from the package and connect the “Power Input” socket to the free USB port of the computer, then the USB Hub and RGB backlight will be ready for use.

RGB Lighting Control – instructions on how to switch On or Off: Press and hold the “/ ” button for 2 seconds, the RGB light will turn ON or OFF. When the RGB light turns ON, it enters into a 7-color breath mode. Touch once to change to a fixed red light mode. Touch it again each time to toggle through to different fixed colours, the sequence of available colours will be as below: green- blue- purple -yellow- sky blue -white -back to 7-color breath mode.

Support and warranty

Do not disassemble your product, or expose it to liquid, humidity, moisture or temperatures out of the specified operating range.If your product is exposed to out-of-range temperatures, unplug it and wait until its temperature returns to the normal operating range.

This product comes with 24 months limited warranty.For more information about usage and warranty, please refer to of manufacture: (see at the package). Made in China.Manufacturer: Asbisc Enterprises PLC, Cyprus, Limassol 4103. Diamond Court, 43 Kolonakiou Street, Agios Athanasios.

Country of origin

Made in China

Date of manufacture: (see at the package)


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