CANYON GM-15 Gaming Mouse with 12 Programmable Buttons User Guide

Gaming MouseMERKAVA GM-15

Package contents


Adjustable DPI and weight system

Technical specifications

● Sensor: Sunplus 6662 (new generation) ● Max Moving speed: 66 ips
● 6 DPI levels:800/1600/2400/4800/6400/12000 (max 12000 by software) ● 1.65M USB braided cable with ferrite ring
● 12 programmable buttons ● Additional software to setup the settings
● 7 modes of backlight effects ● Polling rate:125/250/500/1000Hz
● RGB backlight ● Macros assignments
● Scanning frequency: 6000 FPS ● Weight adjustment system 10.5g (3х3.5
● Max Acceleration – 22.5G
Package contents(Figure 1): Connection
Gaming mouse GM-15User manual For correct operation of the device, connect it to the USB port of a personal computer / laptop / all-in-one.After turning on the computer and installing the operating system standard drivers – themouse will be ready for use


SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSRead carefully and follow all instructions before using this product.

  1. Do not expose the mouse to excessive moisture, water or dust. Do not install in rooms with high humidity and dust level.
  2. Do not expose the mouse to heat: do not place it close to heating appliances, and do not expose it to direct sun rays.
  3. The product shall be connected to the power supply source of the type indicated in the operation manual only.
  4. Clean the device with dry cloth only.


  1.  It is forbidden to dismantle the device. Attempt to repair this device is not recommended and leads to cancellation of the warranty.
  2. For optimum performance the device with batteries shall be kept at the temperature 15 to 25 °С. Too high / low temperature leads to reduction in capacity and service life of the battery. Excessive heating/cooling may cause temporary non-operability of the device.
  3. Do not destroy batteries by burning, they may explode.


Problem Solution
Mouse does not work 1. Make sure the USB cable is plugged into the USB port.2. Try using the mouse on another USB port or another computer.

Manufacturer: Asbisc Enterprises PLC, 43, Kolonakiou Street, Diamond Court 4103 Ayios Athanasios

All other products names and trademarks are property of their respective owners.Vice informed na www.canyon.euicertificates


To avoid conflict, please uninstall other mouse drivers before installing the driver for this mouse.Do not disassemble your product, or expose it to liquid, humidity, moisture or temperatures out of the specified operating range.If your product is exposed to out-of-range temperatures, unplug it and wait until its temperature returns to the normal operating range.This product comes with 24 months limited warranty.For more information about usage and warranty, please refer to

Download a full version of the manual by the link: of manufacture: (see at the package). Made in China.


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