CHACON Wi-Fi Camera 34564 User Guide

CHACON Wi-Fi Camera 34564



  • For video recording, BE SURE TO use CLASS 10 memory card or above (not included). Other kinds of memory card may cause unexpected results and should be avoided.
  • Anytime when you find the camera pan/tile function does not perform properly, calibrate the camera to get correct principle position (refer to step 8 of setup the camera section).
  • For better performance, please enable the video hardware acceleration function. This function only for Android (refer to the app introduction section).



1. APP DownloadDownload and install the “OMGuard HD” APP to your device

  For iOS

For Android

2. Power up The CameraConnect the power wires to the adapter supplied, and wait until the RED LED indicator becomes.steady on. This process would be finished within 1 min and make sure the LED is Hashing in RED.

3a. Wireless Connection

  1. In the Wi-Fi setting of your smart device. Choose the Wi-Fi router with prefix of HD-xxxxxx (xxxxxx=Camera ID numbers). Then enter the default password 12345678.
  2. Launch the APP, tap to add the camera.
  3. Tap (QR code icon) and scan the QR code label on the back of the camera to bring up the DID information. Or tap “Search” to locate the camera.
  4. Enter the default password 123456.
  5. Tap “Save” when you done.
  6. Later, APP will request user to modify the default password to private password

3b. Wired Connection

  1. Make sure your smartphone is connected your Wi-Fi router.
  2. Connect the camera’s Ethernet cable to the Rj45 connect, and power on the camera with adapter.
  3. Launch the APP, tap the “Search” to locate the camera.
  4. Enter the default password 12345678 and save the settings.
  5. Later, APP will request user to modify default password to private password.

Note: In soft AP mode, the RED LED long Hashes once followed by 2 short Hashes. In normal mode, the LED is Hashing in RED.

4. Wi-Fi Setting

  1. Tap then the advanced setting icon will appear on the screen.
  2. Enter the default password :12345678
  3. Select your Wi-Fi router, and enter its password.
  4. The Camera will offline for around 40 seconds to reboot for Wi connection. When camera connects to Wi-Fi router correctly, the RED LED will stay ON.
  5. In the Wi-Fi setting on your smart device again, make sure the Wi-Fi router you are connecting to is the same as the camera. If not, manually assign to it.

Note: If you fail to add the camera for several times, press and hold the “Reset” button for 5 seconds to reset it


Follow the steps below for Event Playback:

  1. Tap the icon to access the event list section.
  2. Select the time interval for the event list.
  3. Select the le you want to playback.
  4. If you want to store the les to the mobile device, tap to download the les (Best while underWi-Fi environment due to larger high definition data size)

Enable video hardware acceleration (For Android)

  1. In the camera list, tap the
  2. Click the click box to enable video hardware acceleration


  1. Drill the mounting holes by using the alignment paper.
  2. Insert 4 screw anchors into the wall.
  3. Insert 2 screws into the screw anchors, reserved space 8 to 10 mm. Then Hang the camera on 2 screws.
  4. Fasten 4 screws by using hex key

Note: Before mounting the camera, install the memory card if you prefer recording to local storage


General Transmission frequency WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
Camera Max power consumption (EIRP) <100mW
Resolution 1080P
View angle 90°
Enclosure protection IP66
Night vision 12m
Supply voltage Adaptor (5VDC)



Direct current (DC)

Don’t throw batteries or out of order products with the household waste (garbage). The dangerous substances that they are likely to include may harm health or the environment.Make your retailer take back these products or use the selective collect of garbage proposed by your city.

 FCC Compliance Statement: This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subjected to the following two conditions: (1)this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation

Hereby, Chacon, declares that the radio equipment type « 34564 » is in compliance with the Directive 2014/53/UE.The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following Internet address:

Chacon S.A.Avenue Mercator 2 • 1300 WavreBelgium


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