CHAMBERLAIN myQ Starter Kit 830REV User Guide

myQ Starter Kit 830REV*

* For GB (UK, NI) specific information on national regulations and requirements see English part of the manual.

The Internet Gateway can only be used with myQ Chamberlain operators.

Before starting you MUST have

  • a router
  • active internet connection
  • a free “Ethernet” terminal on your router
  • internet gateway serial number (on the backside of the device)
  • a pair of photocells delivered with the device must be connected to the garage door opener in order to be able to use all features of this kit


To prevent possible SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH consider the following notes:

  • The Chamberlain Internet Gateway MUST ONLY be installed with sectional doors.
  • Never allow children playing with the garage door, the remote control, wall-switches or any other accessories.
  • Operate the garage door only when it is technically faultless and the door area is free of obstructions or people.
  • This product allows operating the garage door without visual control. Therefore the door may execute unexpected travels. Never pass through a closing garage door.
  • For residential use only. Only instructed people may use this product.
  • Some parts of the car (doors, trunk lids) may extend into the travel path and cause serious damage to the garage door and/or the car.
  • The serial number on the backside of this device is for your personal use only. Save this number from others.
  • For installation or maintenance work on the device, the plug connection must be easily ACCESSIBLE at all times. Never work on the device when it is connected to the mains supply.

– Internet Gateway– photocells– Ethernet cable– Power supply unit 230VAC/5VDC


Connect the provided ethernet cable to router. Connect power to the internet gateway. When the internet gateway connects to the internet, the green light will stop blinking and will light solid.


Download the myQ App on the App Store or Google Play. Go to “Register” and create an account. If you already have an account, use your username and password.




Select Internet Gateway from the list. Enter the Serial Number located on the bottom of the Internet Gateway when prompted.


Choose a device and follow the instructions on the app.Note: After you add a device, the blue light on the internet gateway will appear and stay on.

Need Help?[email protected]

Technical Data 830REV
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz / 5VDC
Transmission power: <10 mW
Operating Frequency: 865.1 MHz / 856.8 MHz / 866.6 MHz
Connection: Ethernet
Technical Data 771REV
Safety class: IP44
Temperature range: -40°C +60°C
Current consumption: max. 20mA
Range: 10m


Our electrical and electronic equipment may not be disposed of with household waste and must be disposed of after use properly in accordance with WEEE Directive EU: 2012/19/ EU; GB UK(NI): SI 2012 nr. 19 on waste electrical and electronic equipment in order to ensure that materials are recycled. Collecting waste electrical equipment separately means environmentally-friendly disposal and is completely free of charge for the consumer. WEEEReg.-Nr. in Germany: DE66256568.

Any waste packaging left over with the end consumer must be collected separately from mixed waste, in accordance with the Directive. Packaging may not be disposed of with household waste, organic waste or in nature.Packaging material must be separated according to its material and disposed of in the recycling containers provided and in certain council recycling bins..

Hereby, Chamberlain GmbH declares that the radio equipment type 830REV is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address: CE/114ADOC-830REV-830REV-01-A-2021.pdf

Chamberlain GmbHSaar-Lor-Lux-Str. 1966115 SaarbrückenGermanyWEEE-Reg.-Nr.:[email protected]

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