Chroma-Q 632-0705 Inspire Mini RGB + W LED House Light User Guide

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Quick Start Guide Chroma-Q ®  Inspire Mini™

  1. OverviewThe new Chroma-Q® Inspire Mini LED house light features 30 high-powered LEDs (combination of white, red, green, and blue) and a fully homogenized optic. The Inspire Mini is equipped with a built-in power supply, operates as a standalone unit, or can be controlled remotely through the ANSI E1.11 USITT DMX 512-A protocol.
  2. Safety1. This product is for professional use only. It is NOT intended for domestic or outdoor use.2. The bright flash of light during power-up & continuous strobe may cause an epileptic seizure.3. This product must be used with a safety cable.
  3. CablingPowerCon connectors are used for power input. XLR 5-pin connectors are used for data signals from an external DMX control console. The chassis is ground bonded.
  4. MountingA mounting bracket is built into the enclosure for overhead applications. Secure the fixture with a safety bond. A fixing hold is built into the enclosure
  5. Optional Inspire Ceiling Installation KitThe Inspire Mini can be mounted onto the ceiling with the optional Inspire Ceiling Installation Kit. (See manual for details.)
  6. OpticsThe Inspire Mini is built with a Wide lens with a beam angle of approximately ~65°.
  7. ControlThe control functions are accessed through the LCD display at the rear of the fixture with 4 push buttons:Power-Up Display:On power-up, the display shows the Main Menu. The Main Menu shows the model name, software version, DMX start address, set control mode, number of channels assigned.Display Mode:The LCD display is backlit when you access the menu and turns off when left undisturbed for 5 seconds.Control MenuTo navigate the Control Menu options from the Main Menu,
  • Use the Up and Down arrows to navigate the control menu options
  • Press the Back arrow (Enter) to select a control menu option
  • Press and hold the Back arrow (Enter) to save the setting
  • Press Exit to return to the Main Menu Main MenuDMX AddressFrom the Main Menu, press Enter to adjust the DMX start addressControl Mode


    Display Ch


    1 fxHSI 7 4 x channels for Effects (Colour speed, range, step, intensity effects)   + Hue, Saturation, Intensity
    2 sRGBW 5 1 x Intensity Effects Channel + Red, Green, Blue, White
    3 HSI 3 Hue, Saturation & Intensity
    4 RGBW 4 Red, Green, Blue, White
    11 Look sel 1 Look Select (Effects engine, programmable presets and user programmed Looks)
    12 Mastr StndAlon Assigns the unit as Master in standalone operation
    13 Slave StndAlon Assigns the unit as Slave in standalone operation

When DMX is LostIf DMX is not detected, various output options can be selected:

OFF Fixture has no light output
HOLD Fixture holds the last valid DMX state
LOOK 01 – 31 Fixture snaps to the selected Look

Look Store31 internal preset FX Looks are available for stand-alone operation, 1-23 are pre-programmed.To replay a Look in stand-alone operation, press Up/Down to select Look Store, press Enter, press  Up/Down to select the desired Look & press Enter for 2 seconds to save settings.  To replay a Look with a DMX console, press Up/Down to Control Mode11& press Enter for 2 seconds. Use the DMX console with the assigned channel to playback the various looks stored. (1-31 looks in 1 single channel) Note: DMX has priority over internal Looks.  Looks can be recorded in the internal flash memory by users & will be preserved on power down. Looks will e returned to default settings upon reset. There are two ways to record a look: Simple, with DMX console & Advanced, stand-alone. (DMX is unplugged): refer to the user manual for control details.

TechnicalIn this menu, the frequency setting of the fixture can be changed. The Inspire fixture has four frequency settings available – 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600. This allows for the LED scan rate to be synchronised with the video camera and avoid a flickering effect. Reset to DefaultIn this menu, all control menu commands are reset to factory defaults:

DMX address 001
Control Mode RGBW
When DMX is Lost HOLD
Look Store 01
Frequency 1200

Further Information

Please refer to the Chroma-Q Inspire Mini manual for more detailed information. A copy of the manual can be found at the Chroma-Q website – – under Support.

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Inspire Mini ™Quick Start Guide V2.2 Model: 632-0705 Inspire Mini ™ Quick Start Guide V2.2  Model: 632-0705


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