Chroma-Q UL924 Inspire External Control Box User Guide

Chroma-Q UL924 Inspire External Control Box User Guide

1. Overview

The Inspire™ External Control Box, is the addressing control interface for the remote control of the Inspire™ Terminal Strip fixture through the ANSI E1.11 USITT DMX 512-A protocol.

2. Safety


This product is for professional use only. It is NOT intended for domestic or outdoor use.

3. Cabling

Figure 2: Power & Data Connections

To connect the wiring for power and control data:

  • Remove the cover plate and the plastic plugs covering the holes.
  • Connect the wiring for the AC and Emergency Power Input through the hole, into the Terminal Block Plug and plug into the Terminal Block Header inside the External Control Box (Figure 4).
  • Connect the wiring for the DMX Data Outputs – Port 1, 2 and 3 through the holes, into theTerminal Block Plug and plug into the Terminal Block Header inside the External Control Box (Figure 3).

4. Mounting

The control box is built with a standard 19” rack mount enclosure.

5. Control

The control functions are accessed through the touch screen display at the front panel of the Inspire™ External Control Box. The features of the touch screen display are shown in Figure 5.Figure 5: Main Screen of the External Control Box.

Control Menu

Main Menu Displays the model name, DMX information, AC and Emergency power input and Command buttonsAddress Sets the DMX start address for each output: Output 1, Output 2, Output 3Mode Select from the control mode options.

RGBW single 4 channels x RGBW for each fixture in each output (up to 512 channels per output)
RGBW output 4 channels x RGBW for all fixtures in each output
Tungsten 1 channel x W for all fixtures in each output
LookStore Save and Load a Look

Setup MenuSet the internal settings of the Inspire External Control:

DMX Data Displays DMX values
RotateDisp Change the display orientation
Frequency To change the LED scan rate frequency, select from:
  1200Hz 2400Hz 4800Hz 9600Hz  
DMX Lost When DMX is not detected, select from the output options:
  Last Data No Output Look  
Reset Reset to user saved and default settings. (see User Manual)

6. Further Information

Please refer to the Chroma-Q® InspireTM External Control Box manual for more detailed information. A copy of the manual can be found at the Chroma-Q® website –

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