COBHAM SAILOR 7224 Control Unit VHF DSC Class A Installation Guide

SAILOR 7224 Control Unit VHF DSCInstallation guide


Weight: 1 kg / 2.2 lbs

Dimensions – Incl. U-mount bracket and cable relief

Installing with U-mount bracket kit Installing with Flush mount kit

Drilling plan – U-mount bracket

Cut out – Flush mounting


  1. ACC connector for accessories
  2. AUX connector for VDR, External speaker, DSC alarm, GPS input
  3. OPT connector
  4. CTRL connector for SAILOR 6204 Control Speaker Microphone or SAILOR 6208 Connection Box
  5. Ground stud for grounding
  6. Power connector
  7. LAN connectors for Ethernet and Ext. Connections
  8. USB connector

System Configuration – Example

More details about installation, download the installation manual at

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