Cobra 6466269 On/Off Controller with Fast Charge USB Owner’s Manual

Remote On/Off Controllerwith Fast Charge USBOwners Manual


Thank you for purchasing the Cobra Remote On/Off Controller with Fast Charge USB. When used properly, this Cobra product will add convenience to your inverter experience and give you reliable power to keep your devices powered and charged. Please read this manual thoroughly before you install and set up your new power inverter.


The Cobra Remote On/Off Controller with Fast Charge USB is designed to remotely enable and monitor your Cobra power inverter* while also acting as a hub to fast charge your smartphone and other devices.Compatible with Cobra PRO, PURE SINE, and POWER inverters, your Remote On/Off Controller conveniently connects to your inverter with a 15’ cable so you can access your inverter from anywhere inside your vehicle. With a built-in audible alarm that sounds when voltage, temperature, or reverse polarity issue occurs with the battery or inverter, you’ll be able to operate your devices and applianceswith confidence. Four mounting options allow you to install the remote controller anywhere you want – a permanent or temporary installation inside your vehicle, in a cup holder while driving, or clipped onto a back seat.* Use only with Cobra PRO, PURE SINE, or POWER series inverters.


For any questions about operating or installing this new Cobra product, PLEASE CONTACT COBRA FIRST…do not return this product to the retail store. The contact information for Cobra will vary depending on the country in which you purchased and utilize the product. For the latest contact information, please go to or call 1-800-543-1608.If your product should require factory service, please go to and follow the instructions.


  • Cobra CPIALCDG1 Remote Controller
  • 15 Ft. RJ-45 Cable
  • Clip Mount
  • (2) M3.5 Screws for Flush or Keyhole Mounting
  •  Quick Start Guide

Works with Cobra Power Inverter Models:CPI400PSW, CPI500W, CPI1500W, CPI2500W and CPI3000W. 

Remote Controller Features

A. LCD DisplayB. Power ButtonC. Fast Charge USB-C*D. Fast Charge USB-A*E. Flush MountsF. Clip Mount for Clip Mounting Option G. Keyhole MountH. RJ-45 Remote Control Cable JackI. RJ-45 Remote Control CableJ. Clip MontK. M3.5 Screws

* = Fast Charge works only on devices capable of supporting a charge up to 10W

4-Point Mounting System

Whether you own a standard vehicle, RV, Professional Truck, or Camper, Cobra gives you (4) Mounting options to remotely turn your inverter on and off as well as charge your devices from anywhere in your vehicle:

  1. Flush Mounting for a permanent installation Note: for accurate installation, M please use the template provided in this guide
  2. Keyhole Mount for On Wall Mounting
  3. Cup Holder Mountingto conveniently charge your Smartphone while driving. This can also rest on a flat surface inside your RV, Truck Cab or camper
  4. Clip Mountto the back seat or other areas of the vehicle for passengers to charge their smartphones and other devices

Connecting the Remote Controller to your Power Inverter

  1. Using the RJ-45 Remote Control Cable, connect the Remote On/Off Controller to the RJ-45 cable jack (Labeled REMOTE) on the front of your power inverter
  2. Press the POWER button on the Remote On/Off Controller to turn on your inverter
  3. When the inverter is powered on the Input Voltage LED is green

Once the remote is connected, you can turn the power ON or OFF from both the inverter and the remote controller. On smaller models having a push-button ON/OFF switch, it does not matter whether the power button is in the ON or OFF position when using the remote. The remote will function as your ON or OFF switch when the power button is in either position.


Your Cobra Remote On/Off Controller with Fast Charge USB is compatible with all Cobra PRO, PURE SINE, and POWER Series power inverters. These inverters, when used with the Remote On/Off Controller, will support the Remote’s Fast Charge and audible alarm features as well as turn the inverter ON when in OFF mode. Additionally, if you purchased a PRO Series Inverter, the LCD will display INPUT and OUTPUT as well as fault messaging as shown below.If you purchased a PURE SINE 400W or POWER 500W Inverter, see the COBRA PURE SINE OR POWER SERIES REMOTE DISPLAY MESSAGING section on page 9 for details.


Standby ModeWhen you plug in the Remote On/Off Controller with Fast Charge USB and press the power button to ON, the display will show AC Output (Watts being used) and the DC Input (Battery Volts). The images below show the messaging on the LCD display when the remote is turned ON or OFF.

NOTE: Backlight automatically turns off 5 seconds after pressing the POWER button.

Fault MessagingYour inverter and remote are equipped to sound an alarm to alert you when power requirements or battery voltage is not in range. This is considered a “fault”. When this happens, both the inverter and remote alarms will sound, and if the fault is not addressed, the inverter will shut down and the remote will display a fault message. Below is a list of “faults” and the messaging that will appear on the LCD display when these faults occur.

DC Input Low Voltage Alarm (Default Setting)The alarm will sound when the battery is at 11.5V.
DC Input Low Voltage Cutoff (Default Setting)The alarm will sound and the inverter will shut down when the battery is at 10.5V.
DC Input Low Voltage Alarm (Alternate Setting)The alarm will sound when the battery is at 10.5V.
DC Input Low Voltage Cutoff (Alternate Setting)The alarm will sound and the inverter will shut down when the battery is at 9.5V.
DC Input HighVoltage Alarm The alarm will sound when the battery is at 15.0V
AC Output ShortThe alarm will sound and the inverter will shut down when the AC output is shorted.
AC Output OverloadThe alarm will sound and the inverter will shut down when the AC output exceeds the inverter limits.
Inverter Over TemperatureThe alarm will sound and the inverter will shut down when the inverter overheats.
GFCI TripThe alarm will sound and the inverter will shut down when a Ground Fault is detected.


If you purchased a Cobra POWER 500W or PURE SINE 400W inverter, the remote display will display the operating status of your inverter when plugged in.

NOTE: Backlight turns off after 5 seconds from pressing the POWER

Fault DefinitionsWhen the Remote On/Off Controller is plugged into a PURE SINE 400W or POWER 500W inverter and a fault occurs due to Low Voltage, Over Voltage, Over Temperature or Battery Over Voltage, the remote and the inverter will sound an alarm, and the remote will show “ERROR CHECK INVERTER” on the display (as shown above). The alarm and “ERROR” message indicating an issue and the fault will need to be addressed in order to use and operate your inverter properly. Below is a list of faults that will trigger the alarm and “ERROR” message on the remote display.

  • An alarm will sound on the remote and inverter when the following occurs:– DC Input Low Voltage – battery reaches 10.5V signaling you to charge the vehicle battery (this can be done by turning on the vehicle)If an alarm occurs and your inverter continues to work with the above, this means the fault is occurring at the battery and needs to be immediately addressed. If the alarm is ignored, the remote will continue to display the ERROR message and the inverter will work until reaches its cutoff limit and shut down.
  • An alarm will sound and the inverter will shut down when the following faults occur:– DC Input Low Voltage Cutoff – battery has reached 9.5V and needs to be recharged immediately– DC Input High Voltage Cutoff – when the battery reaches 15.5V (can occur when a momentary surge spikes the battery Voltage)– AC Output Short – AC output is shorted (short circuit)– AC Output Overload – AC output load exceeds inverter AC output load limits (try unplugging some of your devices)– Inverter Over Temperature – the inverter is overheating (check for proper ventilation)– GFCI Trip – a Ground Fault is detected

If the inverter shuts down, the “ERROR CHECK INVERTER” message will display on the remote.


Problem/Symptom  Possible Cause  Troubleshoot 
Remote will not turn ON Remote cable connection,battery connection, or carbattery needs recharging 1. Check cable connection at remote and inverter2. If these are secure and the remote will still notturn on, check cable connection from the inverter to the battery or the CLA
Remote will not turn OFF Power button not pushed hard enough or poor cableconnection 1. Disconnect the remote from the inverter2. Plug it back in again and Power ON
The inverter turns ON andRemote LCD on remote stays dark Remote cable connection 1. Disconnect the remote from the inverter2. Plug it back in again and Power ON
The inverter is sounding an alarm but no Error messages are showing on the LCD Remote is being used withmodels that do not supportthis function Display Error messages are only supported by PRO Series inverters. CPI500W and CPI400PSWModels do not support error messages
The USB port on the remote is not charging my device Bad phone charging cable,loose connection or carbattery charge is too low 1. Check cable connection from your device to the USB port2. If still not working, check cable connection from the remote to the inverter3. If 1. and 2. do not solve the problem, it is possible you need to recharge your car battery

If none of these solutions fix the problem you are having, please contact Product Service and Support online at or call 1-800-543-1608


USB-A Output Port 5V/2A/10W
USB-C Output Port 5V/2A/10W
Operating Temperature -10°C/14°F – 40°C/104°F
Storage Temperature -40°C/-40°F – 65°C/149°F
Power Cable Length: 15-feet  #16 AWG
Dimensions 3.35″ x 3.35″ x 1.64″
Net Weight .11 lbs


Limited Two-Year WarrantyFor Products Purchased in the U.S.A.Cobra Electronics Corporation warrants that its Cobra power inverter, and the component parts thereof, will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of two years from the date of first consumer purchase. This warranty may be enforced by the first consumer purchaser, provided that the product is utilized within the U.S.A.Cobra will, without charge, repair or replace, at its option, defective power inverters, products or component parts upon delivery to the Cobra Factory Service department, accompanied by proof of the date of first consumer purchase, such as a duplicated copy of a sales receipt.You must pay any initial shipping charges required to ship the product for warranty service, but the return charges will be at Cobra’s expense if the product is repaired or replaced under warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.

Exclusions: This limited warranty does not apply:

  1. To any product damaged by accident.
  2. In the event of misuse or abuse of the product or as a result of unauthorized alterations or repairs.
  3. If the serial number has been altered, defaced, or removed.
  4. If the owner of the product resides outside the U.S.A.

All implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration to the length of this warranty. Cobra shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or other damages; including, without limitation, damages resulting from loss of use or cost of installation.Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts and/or do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

For Products Purchased outside the U.S.A.Please contact your local dealer for warranty information.

Trademark AcknowledgementCobra®, Nothing Comes Close to a Cobra®, and the snake design are registered trademarks of CobraElectronics Corporation, USA.Cobra Electronics Corporation™ is a trademark of Cobra Electronics Corporation, USA.This template should measure 3.35″. Please ensure that this measurement is checked on your print-out for accuracy before making your cuts and installing.

©2020 Cobra Electronics Corporation


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