CONNECT IT CLI-2000-SM Selfie LED Light with Remote Control User Manual


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  • Before putting this product into operation please read through the User’s Manual carefully, even if you are already familiar with the use of similar products. Use the product only as described in this User’s Manual.
  • Keep this User’s Manual for future reference. It is an integral part of the product and may contain important instructions for commissioning this product, its operation, and cleaning.
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You can also find the latest version of the User‘s Manual on our website www.connectit-europe.comThe text and technical specifications are subject to change.

Technical Specifications

  • 120 LED diodes
  • 10 levels of light intensity
  • Light warmth: 3000 K / 4500 K / 6500 K
  • Diameter of the tube: 2.7 cm
  • Inner diameter: 20 cm
  • Outer diameter: 26 cm

Description of Each Part

  1. Increase light intensity
  2. Level of light warmth 3000 K / 4500 K / 6500 K
  3. Decrease light intensity
  4. Light On/Off

Package includes

  1. Circle LED light
  2. Remote control
  3. Adjustable joint
  4. Tripod
  5. Flexible phone holder



In accordance with the European Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), this appliance is labeled with this symbol on the product or its packaging to indicate that this product shall not be treated as household waste. It must be disposed of at a collection site for recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment. The proper disposal of this product helps to prevent adverse impacts on the environment and human health, which could otherwise result from improper waste disposal. The disposal shall be carried out in accordance with waste management regulations. For more detailed information about the recycling of this product, contact the local authorities, household waste disposal services or the shop where you have bought the product. For proper disposal, renewal, and recycling, hand the products over to the designated collection sites. Alternatively, in some EU or other European countries, you can return the products to your local dealer when buying an equivalent new product. The proper disposal of this product helps to preserve valuable natural resources and prevent potential adverse impacts on the environment and human health, which could result from improper waste disposal. For details, contact your local authorities or the nearest collection facility. In case of improper disposal of thistype of waste, fines may be imposed in accordance with national legislation.For business entities in the EU countriesIf you want to dispose of electrical and/or electronic equipment, please contact your dealer or supplier for the necessary information.Disposal in other countries outside the European UnionThis symbol is valid in the European Union. If you want to dispose of this product, contact your local authorities or your dealer for the necessary information about the proper way of disposal.In accordance with the law, we provide the take-back, processing and free environmentally friendly disposal of electrical and electronic equipment through the collective system of REMA Systém, a.s. The main purpose is to protect the environment by ensuring the efficient recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.For the current list of collection sites, see the web

This product meets all the basic requirements of the applicable EU directives. It is CE marked. This mark indicates the conformity of the product‘s technical characteristics with the applicable technical regulations. The EU Declaration of Conformity is available at


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