Cougar XTC Specifications Manual [STE400 CGR ST-400, STE500 CGR ST-500, STE600 CGR ST-600]


Dear customer:Thank you for choosing a COUGAR® power supply unit. Before the installation please read the manual below carefully. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service:

Warnings and safety notes

Never open the PSU cover. There is a potential danger of life due to high voltage inside. The PSU should only be opened by an authorized technician. The manufacture’s warranty will be void if the PSU is opened by an unauthorized person. Do not work on the PSU or the PC as long as the main voltage is still connected. Switch the I/O button to position “0” and disconnect the power plug from the power network.

Protect the PSU against moisture.The PSU is suitable for operation at 200-240V/50Hz.The ambient temperature should not exceed 50°. Please pay attention to the power de-rating on all models with a decrease of 1%/°C starting at an ambient temperature of 25°C. Please ensure that there is sufficient ventilation of the entire system.

The leakage current must not exceed 3.5 mA.Make sure during the installation of the PSU that the ventilation slots are not covered. Do not clog the ventilation slots of the PSU. Keep your PC away from direct heat sources such as radiators.When using an extension cord and/or multiple sockets pay attention to the maximum through-connection ability in order to avoid short-circuits.If you want to clean your PSU, disconnect the power plug from the power network and remove it from the PC case. Before the removal make sure that you are not statically charged, (e.g. through carpets or wool sweaters). Only clean the PSU on the outside, always using a dry cloth, never water or detergent.During the operation of the PSU pay attention to the maximum loads. The single loads and the total loads must not exceed to cross the values shown in the output power table. Avoid the use of adapters, such as 4Pin Molex to 6+2Pin PCI-Express.

Technical details and special features

  • EXTREMELY HIGH EFFICIENCYUp to 83% of efficiency.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH THE LATEST PC-TECHNOLOGYCreated for use with current and next-generation multi-core CPU platforms.
  • SUPPORT MULTI-GPU TECHNOLOGYSupports PCI Express 3.0 next-generation graphics cards with 8(6+2) pin PCI-E connector.
  • ULTRA-QUIET & TEMPERATURE-CONTROLLED 120mm FANExtremely Low Noise Level, fan speed automatically regulated according to the temperature.
  • INTEGRATED AIR INLET DESIGNOptimal aerodynamic design that provides more silent operation.
  • ACTIVE POWER FACTOR CORRECTION (ACTIVE PFC)PF value up to 98%, provides clean and reliable power.


Before you begin with the installation, please read the section ”Warnings and safety notes.”For the arrangement only use the supplied screws since these have the correct thread. You need a screwdriver for the correct arrangement.The following parts are included within the delivery:

  • Screws for the PSU assembly
  • Power cord (Please only use the power cord which is included; low-quality cords can damage your PSU and your PC-system.)
  • Brief instruction incl. Information about the warranty
  • Place the PSU into its designated place within the case and fix it with the supplied screws.
  • First insert the plugs for the mainboard supply (20/24 pin, 4 pin, and possibly 8 pin – according to mainboard layout) into the respective slots.
  • Connect the disk drives and if necessary the graphics cards to the PSU.
  • Close the PC and ensure that the PSU power switch is set to the position “0”.
  • Connect the PSU to the power network using the supplied power cord. Using onlythe power cord provided in the package. A low-quality power cord may damage the PSU and PC system!
  • Turn on the PSU and then start your PC.

Safety functions

  • UVP (Undervoltage protection)If the voltages fall below a certain tolerance value on the single lines, the PSU automatically switches off.
  • OVP (Overvoltage protection)If the voltages increase above a certain tolerance value on the single lines, the PSU automatically switches off.
  • SCP (Short-circuit protection)In the case of a short-circuit, this feature prevents damage to the core components of the PSU and its system components.
  • OPP (Overload protection)If the system is oversized and requires more power from the PSU than it can perform, this protection function is activated.
  • OCP (Overcurrent protection)If the current on a single line is higher than indicated, the PSU automatically switches off.


  • Operating conditionsWorking temperature: +10°C ~ +40°C(Please note the de-rating condition in Warnings and safety notes)Storage temperature: -40°C~+70°COperating humidity (without condensation water): 20%~85% relative humidityStorage humidity (without condensation water): 5%~95% relative humidity


WARNING:Never work on the PSU yourself. Even a long time after its deactivation, life-threatening voltages can still be present in the PSU. Repairs should only be made by authorized specialists.

Working at power sources can lead to life-threatening injuries. If there is smoke, cable damage or intrusion of liquids the PSU has to be immediately disconnected from the power network and must not be put into operation anymore afterward. Never open the PSU. It contains components, which can show high voltages even after long periods of deactivation.

Again, repairs should only be done by authorized specialists!Problem: After the installation of the new PSU the system does not start.Possible solutions:

  • Check the power code and the power supply of the wall socket and/or multiple socket strips. Also, check whether the multiple socket strip can supply the necessary power.
  • Check all connections within the PC; maybe not all cables are correctly connected.
  • Check the internal cable of the I/O-switch of the PC case to the mainboard.
  • Check the components for possible short-circuits or defects.

Please also check the other components for compatibility. Often mainboard chipsets are not compatible with all memory and/or graphics card solutions. Contact the manufacturer of the component to get more information.

If your PSU still does not function even though you have checked the sources of errors mentioned above, please get in touch with our customer service.

This product is not to be disposed of in the regular household waste and must be brought to a collection point for electrical and electronic devices for recycling. The symbol to the left refers to that and can be found on the product, in the manual, or on the packaging. Materials can be recycled according to their description. With the reuse, the recycling, or other forms of reutilization of old devices you make an important contribution to the protection of our environment. Please inquire the appropriate location of disposal from your local administration.

Warranty and information of the manufacturer

For further information on the warranty terms, please read the information of “Guarantee Terms and conditions for COUGAR Power Supply Units (PSU) of the XTC-Series”.

Manufacturer contact:Compucase Enterprise Co., Ltd.No. 225, Lane 54, An Ho Road Sec. 2 Tainan,Taiwan, R.O.CTel:+886-6-356-0606Service E-Mail: More information you will find at cougargaming.comCompucase Enterprise Co., Ltd.All rights reserved.

Legal notices

This manual was created by COMPUCASE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. and may not be completely or partially copied, passed on, distributed or stored without written consent by COMPUCASE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.COUGAR is a registered brand of COMPUCASE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Other product and company names mentioned in this documentation may be brands or trademarks of their respective owners.COMPUCASE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. reserves the right to make changes concerning the contents of the manual and the technical data of the product without previous announcement.

Guarantee Terms and conditions for COUGAR Power Supply Units (PSU) of the XTC SeriesWhere the product warranty according to local laws and regulations extends to less than 24 months after the date of purchase, Compucase will provide an extended limited warranty starting the day in which the implied warranty (according to local laws and regulations) ends and finishing 24 months after the date of purchase. If the local laws and regulations establish a warranty period of 24 or more months, no extended limited warranty shall be provided. During this period,  defects in material or workmanship will be repaired or restored with spare parts. In case of guaranteed service, the customer should claim the COUGAR PSU at the retailer, where the PSU was bought, accompanied by a copy of the invoice and an error description. Compucase will only support directly if the retailer is not reachable repeatedly.

In case of direct support by Compucase, the end-user has to assure that the goods are packed properly and that he is in charge of all transportation costs. Compucase’s warranty does not cover any of the following:

  • Damages due to acts of nature (e.g. Lightning, Water, Fire, and so on)
  • Accessory or consequential damages that happened by using or not using the PSU
  • Damages caused by misuse of the PSU or caused by negligence
  • Loss of information or data, software, or applications
  • Damages caused by opening or modifying the PSU without previous accordance
  • Damages caused by using or installing the PSU under conditions outside of the technical specifications which are described in the attached manualThis warranty is valid only for the first end-user or consumer and is restricted to the above named period.

Cougar XTC Specifications Manual [STE400 CGR ST-400, STE500 CGR ST-500, STE600 CGR ST-600] – Cougar XTC Specifications Manual [STE400 CGR ST-400, STE500 CGR ST-500, STE600 CGR ST-600] –

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