Cox Advanced TV CableCARD Installation Manual

Tuning Adapter Self-Install Instructions

Cable CARD Installation Must be completed before the tuning adapter can be installed. 

1   Verify Box Contents

Your tuning adapter is designed to work with retail devices that have:

  • A USB Port
  • The required firmware update from the manufacturer
  • A Cable CARD from Cox

This kit includes:

A – USB CableB – 2 coaxial cables (RF cables)C – Tuning adapter power cordD – Turning AdapterE – 2-way splitterF – POE Filter

2  Installing the tuning adapter

This may take up to 20 minutes.

  1. Locate the RF cable coming from your wall, then connect it to the IN port of the splitter (E).
  2. Using one of the RF cables (B) included in this kit, connect one splitter (E) OUT port to the RF IN port (Cable IN) on your retail device.
  3. Attach a POE filter (F) to the second splitter (E) OUT port and connect one end of the other RF cable (B) included in this kit to the POE filter (F).
  4. Connect the other end of that RF cable (B) to the RF IN (Cable IN) port on the tuning adapter (D).
  5. Connect the USB cable (A) included with this kit into the USB port on the back of the tuning adapter (D). Connect the other end of the USB cable (A) into the port on the back of the retail device.Note: Your retail device should remain connected to your television by an RE liDM1, component rc other cable.
  6. Connect one end of the tuning adapter power cord (C) included with this kit into the tuning adapter (D) first, and then plug it into an electrical outlet.Note: An on-screen message may display multiple times during this process, stating “Tuning adapter connected’ Select ‘Continue to proceed.

3  Call to activate

Once powered on, the tuning adapter (D) will begin an activation process and the amber light on the front will flash. Once the light on the front of the tuning adapter (D) begins flashing, call the Cox automated activation line at 1-800-699-8151 to have the tuning adapter (D) activated.

4  Once the activation starts

Once the activation has started, the red light on the front of the adapter will flash and the amber light will continue flashing. Once the activation is complete, the amber light will go solid.Nate: If the red light does not flash and/or the amber light does not go solid, wait 10 minutes, unplug the tuning adapter (3) from the electrical outlet and then plug it back in after 30 seconds.

5  Verify activation

Once activation is complete, another “Tuning adapter connected” message will be displayed. Select “Continue” to proceed. At this point a message may be displayed stating “Acquiring Channel Information” Once this message has cleared, please verify that video services are now working.Note: If you see a gray screen instead of your channels, unplug the retail device for one minute, and then plug it back in. Many retail devices will require a reboot.

>  To activate call 1-800-699-8151.

If you have difficulty activating the Tuning adapter, Please contact Technical Support at 1-877-820-8202.

Cox Advanced TV CableCARD Installation Manual – Cox Advanced TV CableCARD Installation Manual –