Creality CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer User Manual

CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer

  1. Do not use the printer any way other than described herein in order to avoid personal injury or property damage.
  2. Do not place the printer near any heat source or flammable or explosive objects. We suggest placing it in a well- ventilated, low- dust environment.
  3. Do not expose the printer to violent vibration or any unstable environment, as this may cause poor print quality.
  4.  Before using experimental or exotic filaments , we suggest using standard filaments such as PLA to calibrate and test the machine.
  5. Do not use any other power c able exc ept the one s upplied. Always use a grounded three- prong power outlet.
  6. Do not touch the nozzle or printing surface during operation as they may be hot. Keep hands away from machine while in use to avoid burns or personal injury.
  7. Do not wear gloves or loose clothing when operating the printer. Such cloths may become tangled in the printers moving parts leading to burns, possible bodily injury, or printer damage.
  8. When cleaning debris from the printer hotend, always use the provided tools. Do not touch the nozzle directly when heated. This can  cause personal injury.
  9. Clean the printer frequently. Always turn the power off when cleaning, and wipe with a dry cloth to remove dust, adhered printing plastics or any other material off the frame, guide rails, or wheels . Use glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol to clean the print surface before every print for consistent results.
  10. Children under 10 years of age should not use the printer without supervision
  11. This machine is equipped with a security protection mechanism. Do not manually move the nozzle and printing platform mechanism manually while booting up, otherwise the device will automatically power off for safety.
1 .Introduction

2.General List

♦ Tool List

3.Device lnstalltion

4.Cable Connection

6.Loading Filament
7.Bed Leveling

♦ Automatic leveling

8.Software Installation

9.First Printing

10.Circuit Wiring

After- Sales Service

The printer can be returned within seven days, 15 days replacement, one year warranty, lifetime maintenance.

Replacement Requirement
  1. The appearance of the product is intact, without damage, scratches, smudges, cracks, deformation, etc.;
  2. Machine parts, tools and others are complete;
  3. Provide a complete and valid purchase invoice and warranty, product number should be the same.
Warranty Coverage
  1. The following accessories are not included in the warranty coverage ifthey are not damaged by transportation: platform sticker; platformforming plate; acrylic cover; card reader and TF card; platform glass; USB cable; filament; rack and tools,etc.
  2. Profile: Before we deliver the goods, we will do the machine test, so maybe there will be light scratch, or due to long-distance transportation, which scratch the profile a little bit. in the premise of not affecting the normal use, in principle, not within the scope of warranty;
  3. Nozzle assembly (nozzle, heating block, throat pipe,heat sink, Teflon tube, etc.) warranty period is 3 months, if it is damage after the warranty expires, you need to purchase another one;
  4. Motherboard, LCD display, power supp~, hot bed,warranty period is 1 2 months, if there are quality problems, you can get free maintenance; over the warranty period, can be sent back to the original factory maintenance, the users need to bear the return shipping and maintenance costs;
  5. Not included in warranty coverage:(1) It is not possible to provide an effective after-sales service card or serial number;(2) The whole machine and components exceed the warranty period;(3) Equipment failure or damage caused by unauthorized modification of the equipment (private modification includes: 1. modification of the nozzle assembly; 2. modification of the machine structure; 3. use of third-party components; 4. use of third-party firmware procedures or change the original Factory firmware program, etc.);(4) Equipment failure or damage due to incorrect installation and use;(5) Equipment failure or damage caused by the use of the equipment in a working environment not specified by the product;(6) Equipment failure or damage due improper use (beyond workload, etc.) or maintenance (moisture, etc.);(7) Equipment failure or damage due to the use of other branded components or low quality consumables.

For better highlighting the function and effectiveness of 3d printer and promoting the development of global market economic, strengthening the user self-discipline of 3d industry and establishing a good image of 3d printing, since Creality 3d printer have passed all kinds of authorized product certificates and quality management system.hereby we declare that it is strictly forbidden to use our printer to print any products or equipment that are in violation of the specific country and regions legislation.


Creality CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer User Manual – Creality CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer User Manual –


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